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It is a great town, with great people. It has amazing schools, and good services. The town is close to everything, like movie theaters, gyms, parks, malls, and Chicago.
Safe! The police care about the community and drive around frequently just to patrol the safety of others. There are man stores near by. It really is a central but quiet city.
It is very quiet and safe. Really movie like, really plain. Not a lot of things to do but we can make fun out of anything. Many parks, nice place to raise children. Great schools and just over all great place but not racially open.
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Very accessible to places around the surrounding towns, very pleasant to live, little to no crime, friendly neighbors, clean streets during the winter
Orland Hills is a small town that has affordable housing . It is close to shopping dining and entertainment
Growing up in Orland Hills has been a great experience. It has served as an excellent community to grow up in. While it is looked at as small, the simplicity that this town embodies is actually very advantageous. Everyone from Orland Hills is connected, with all citizens ultimately helping and feeding off of each other in order to make the community a safe and friendly place for everyone to live.
As a current resident I would say as small as Orland Hills is, it is a close knit town. Most of the people in the area are nice as can be and get along well. During the summer time the party in the park that they host is the absolute best to go to and have fun!
I moved to Orland Hills two years ago, and couldn't be happier with my experience! There is lots of shopping nearby, and a wide range of restaurants to choose from. The neighbors are very friendly, and the village offers fun events such as the annual Party in the Park. I have access to a fantastic library and beautiful parks. I also feel very safe, as the police are very diligent about driving through the parking lot of my apartment complex and ensuring that it is a safe environment for us to live in.
Everything around this area, for the most part, are safe and well kept.
If I had the chose to decide where I could live, I would still chose to live in this area. Everything and everyone in this area are friendly and more than welcoming. In the future, I can only imagine this area improving.
There aren't as many police around at night.
Many beautiful homes for new families.
I feel safe living here. Police drive around neighborhood
Living in my neighborhood has been a great experience. There has never been any crime and it is filled with great neighbors. I wouldn't change my living arrangements for anything.
Safe neighborhood to grow up in. Close to shopping, restaurants, and easy access to major highways. People are quiet and to themselves.
There are a handful of gyms to choose from for workout purposes. I am active everyday and I often see others jogging, walking, riding bikes, walking dogs, etc. Emergency clinics and hospitals of good quality are in the area as well.
The winters are usually very cold and lots of snow is usually expected. Streets can become pretty hazardous during the winter with all of the ice. Summers are hot and rainy mostly.
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There have been a few crimes in my area but none of them have affected me thankfully. Police seem to be paroling the area often and there is a police station very close by.
The employment rate fluctuates. Around the holiday season, a bunch of opportunities open up especially for full-time work. Before/after the holidays it becomes a bit more difficult to find a place to work especially if you run on a tight schedule.
The area I live in offers lots of places to either sit-in and eat or grab something on the go. There is a mix of casual family restaurants as well as classier date-night restaurants. One of my favorite places to go to is Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, where they serve oriental food at the hibachi grill.
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