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We have tons of shops here and a lot of stuff to do. I'm always able to go to our great public resources like our library and our All Together Park whenever I get bored to have a good time and find something to do.
One of the least diverse places in the country. Very conservative. Most things closed Sunday. Most people are very religious (Mormon). There are two bars in the city and no night life. The heavy majority of neighborhoods are very safe. Schools are pretty good, but not going to prepare you for an Ivy League education or anything.
Orem is a very family-friendly town. There are theaters, shops, parks, recreational centers, hikes, pools, and restaurants all close to the city center. Because of a strong religious presence, public smoking, swearing, and drinking are all but non-existent. Many businesses have prices, activities, and times geared toward serving the families of Orem.
Orem is situated perfectly. It's near the mountains, the freeway, a couple colleges, and "Silicone Slopes," which is one of the fastest growing areas in the state and is providing jobs more rapidly than most places in the country.
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It is clean and well organized city. You do not have to go far for shopping or grocery options. It is a safe place to be. Great schools and staff.
I love how everyone works together to create a good community. I would like to see more community events though.
Orem is an amazing city! It's close to everything, you are able to go to the mouth of the canyon and adventure. It's close enough to the city, but still has enough space to have family events?
I like orem, I like the people and schools, especially UVU. It's a safe, friendly, fun place. It lacks the night life I'd like to enjoy as a college student, but it makes up for it with the friendliness of the people here.
It's great to live, but getting very busy. With having Utah Valley university just right around the corner, along with Brigham Young University, it makes it very convenient for college students, but no so much for the residents to deal with extra traffic!
Orem has been an amazing to raise our family. Although known for being mostly LDS, Orem allows us to be connected to other more diverse cities like Salt Lake area that helps us appreciate others not of our faith.
I go to college there in Orem, and I have had good experiences. The Mall is better there than in other places nearby. There is so much you can go and see, and college activities that you can attend.
I love Orem it has tons of restaurants and it has a wonderful huge mall. The city has updated its roads and it has a awesome college. The bus is free to anyone. Everywhere you go is nice and fun. They have plenty of stores, shops, neighborhoods, nationwide known stores. What ever you need they have it. It is a very modern city and a wonderful place to live.
I love that it is more quiet than Provo, but it seems to be getting more “ghetto” lately. I understand it’s more of a college town so that’s what you’re really gonna get. It’s not going to be some fancy place to live and I can’t complain. I’m broke. So I can’t be expecting to live in some fancy place right now.
Orem is a great place to live. Close enough to Salt Lake City but not too close. Can be a little pricey depending on the area, but great if you can afford it.
Orem is a great city, there isn't much to change about it. All I can say is that I loved living there.
Orem is a very family friendly place, and that's great for a recently married couple like us. It is also close to several universities and has plenty of job opportunities.
I lived here my whole life, good community, a lot of families so there wasn't any trouble finding friends growing up.
Orem is growing city with small town roots, so it's in kind of a weird transition period between high density housing and traditional single family homes. There's a lot your young families to do, as well as lots of really amazing places to eat, but there does tend to be more traffic due to how populated the area. All in all, I love living here!
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Orem is great overall; my two least favorite parts about it are the bad drivers (it is Utah afterall) and all the apartments.
I have loved living in Orem. It has been a nice change of pace since living in more of the Salt Lake area. Things are really close in distance in Orem! I'm a student in Orem right now and there are quite a bit of options as far as housing that gives you the convinence of living close to campus.
I like the variety of homes in the area. You have everything from two bedroom, one bathroom up to 10 bed and 10 bath. What I really love is the easy access to Provo Canyon, Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, and the I-15 freeway. The people here are extremely welcoming and friendly.
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