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lots of business are close by, however taxes are high and having a vehicle is a must. Lots of healty choice for dinning, but next to no night life. Super Quiet.
My favorite thing about Orchard Park is the greenery. In any part of Orchard Park, you can easily find a nice place to walk or ride a bike. Most of your shopping can be done within Orchard Park. The nearest mall is about 15 minutes away and the city is about 30 minutes away. The library has very good selection. Public transportation is pretty much nonexistent. There is one bus that leaves Orchard Park for the city at around 7:30 AM and returns in the evening.
Orchard Park is a great town to have kids grow up in, the school is tremendous. However, the town and residents are very sheltered and well off, I often refer to it as the "Orchard Park bubble". There is not much diversity in the area.
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I like everything. I especially like the look as I drive along. Orchard Park is like a good neighbor, always friendly and helpful when needed. Thank you.
I love the strong community that you have in Orchard Park. Most people you will interact with are very friendly. Everyone is always looking to lend a hand. For example, during the winter storms we have every year, my neighbors and my family help each other shovel out driveways. Also, the Bills play here, and it is fun to go to the games.
Just moved to Orchard park a few months back. It's a great area with a quaint little downtown. It's nice and quiet with a lot of friendly people. It's so close to a lot of stores and shops. There's so much to do!
Beautiful and quaint little town with close access to plenty amenities of a larger city or more rural setting.
Things I like. Schools, parks, the town central area. Things Id like to see. More bike paths and walking paths. Also saving greenspace for public enjoyment and general aesthetic.
I love my town. It's a great community full of good and kind people. The town is always helping others.
Orchard Park was a great place to grow up! They have excellent public schools and a multitude of things to do as a young kid. A majority of the restaurants in OP are local to the area, and are hot spots with all the residents nearby. There are many different swim clubs for summer activities, as well as the Recreation Dept. has many programs for kids! Orchard Park is not as diverse, but it is a healthy and safe community for all. The commute to downtown for work is only about 20 minutes which is great!
Orchard Park is a rich white suburb of Buffalo. It has very little diversity or character compared to the city. Restaurants are ho-hum. Schools are good for molding white-collar workers, and sports are emphasized over individuality. Local government seems stuck in the 1950s, bows to the whims of the old-boy network and lacks transparency. That said, it's relatively safe and there's alot of pleasantly inoffensive people around.
It is a beautiful little town that I have lived in my entire life. Most of my friends are in walking distance from me and have a great connection with them with all of the things to do as well. There are parks and awesome restaurants to go to. The only thing I would like to change is certain places in the town of my village. Younger people can not do as much in the village.
I enjoy orchard park. It is a very comforting town. There are many places to eat or visit for fun. It is very close to many other great towns. I wish there were a few more activities during the seasons for low costs.
Orchard Park is a very good village to live in. Orchard Park represents many restaurants and all of the best public schools that provide safety for students. I enjoy that every store and restaurants are very close by and a local store is not even a block away from where I live. In Orchard Park, many people know of each other.
Overall, Orchard Park is a great little town. The people are mostly nice (though a bit snooty I would say), and there is plenty to do. Like most of western New York however, most of the population here is TERRIBLE at driving an any sort of adverse weather condition.
Orchard Park is so lovely. We have great local boutiques, restaurants from casual to formal, bakeries and a very hip new smoothie place called green eats. Green lake is the perfect place for a scenic stroll near water. Chestnut Ridge Park has the best view of the city, a challenging disc golf course and beautiful hiking trails. Orchard Park doesn't need to change at all.
Orchard Park is a nice town to live. You're able to have some hustle and bustle that comes with a city but also have the nice greenery that doesn't always accompany city life. Plus if you're a football fan, the stadium is right around the corner.
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Orchard Park was a great town to grow up in. It was safe and there were a lot of children my age around to play with. The "town" is up and coming with a lot of new local businesses, leaving a lot of options for employment at a young age. Cost of living is expensive compared to other nearby neighborhoods.
Orchard Park in a nice little town, more there is not much to experience. It is the home of the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo football is very intense even with a loosing team.
I love the close knit community but wish there was more diversity. We love all the parks and playgrounds. Not only in OP but in Hamburg as well.
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