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Orange is really small and you always see someone you know. There is never much to do and to be able to do fun things you have to make an hour drive.
What I like about Orange is when the sun sets, it's stunning to watch since it's more on the country side. I don't like how diverse it is since I grew up around big cities.
Orange, Virginia is a small town near Charlottesville. In orange most non commuting job opportunities are chain restaurants or small businesses. Many people do commute to Stafford, Washington D.C., and Charlottseville however you will most likely have over an hour commute. The closest department store is 30 minutes away in Culpeper, Virginia. Schools are limited here to 1 high school. Overall Orange is a nice place to live if you are looking for a quiet small town life.
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I would like to see more outside events for families and a variety of restaurants. It would be nice to have a home cooked family owned place to eat and even another grocery shopping choice. It would also be nice to have a dog park or trails to walk your pets on in designated areas. Other than a few minor wishes Orange is a safe and nice place to live and raise your family.
The town of Orange was a great place to grow up and a challenging place to live as an adult. There are little to no things to do in the evenings, no movie theatres, or even a bowling alley. But, it is beautiful, safe, and affordable.
So far my experience in Orange has been diffrent from what i've been used to. Im originally from NY and i had to accept the fact that there is no public transportation. There are no side walks and no street lighting at night time. The streets are welk kept and police presence is remarkable. I feel extremely safe however you still have to be careful of the wildlife and nature for instance i saw a bear at 5am in the morning crossing the road and heading back into the woods. The teachers at my school are extremely helpful and my over all experience has been good.
I have been very happy with our community and town- i really would not have wanted to raise my daughters anywhere else
I do enjoy living here, and I wouldn't choose anywhere else to live. Personally, I like places that are simple and have more of a country feel to it, rather than big bustling cities like New York City. Furthermore, the people are generally nice, the neighborhood has a nice, suburban feel to it, and there are interesting deer sightings (which wouldn't seem to make sense here, but I like it). However, there isn't much to do in the area (which is a big complaint by a lot of people), the schools still need improvement, and there are some people that are ignorant and rude. A lot of people may rate this area as okay, but I personally enjoy the simple things. I do see that the area is improving though.
I live in a nice quiet town where there isn't much around. It's not thriving like other counties but it's a nice comfy place to live.
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