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Orange is a little town within Orange County. Although it is small, it has many unique and exciting features. The Orange Circle is the main attraction for this area. It is full of shops, antique malls, and unique restaurants. The architecture is quite beautiful, having a historical background that is evident within many of the buildings. Many say that it reminds them of a clean, historical Los Angeles because of the shops and restaurants. The neighborhoods surrounding the Orange Circle are all full of beautifully restored historical homes. They hold classy and comforting interiors with manicured and nature-filled exteriors. This small town of Orange is full of all types of people, especially college students from a the nearby Chapman University. Orange is an area I would recommend everyone to visit because of these aspects.
It's very nice and safe! Lots of things to do and pretty diverse. I loved growing up here and highly recommend it. There are many highly-ranked schools here. And of course, malls, amazing weather, and beaches!
Orange is a very Republican area in the center of the city, however there are a lot of cool antique shops and yummy places to eat
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The city of Orange is an amazing place to live in. Citizens here are friendly, and it's not too crowded. The weather is perfect, especially during the summer.
I attend Chapman University in Orange. This town is small and quiet which is nice. I always enjoy going to the circle. I do not like the public backlash the rest of the community has towards the college and its expansion. A lot of the "neighbors" are not friendly.
The public areas weren't very good. Dinning areas aren't very clean and no cares what you think. I didn't enjoy living in that area.
I just moved here and am enjoying the small town feel in a large county. We are so close to everything
I really love my community. I feel like there is so much to do where I live, like going Grijalva Park, eating at the variety of restaurants at The Village, or just going on a bike ride in my community. I can do anything and still feel safe.
Orange is safe and has everything one needs to live comfortably. With great public schools and an impressive historical district, it's a city that provides for all ages and types of people.
Orange is a very quaint city, with many great restaurants and beautiful homes. Its location in the center Orange County makes it a prime location to be.
Orange has a lot of variety! It’s a perfect area that has several restaurants, parks, and malls to attend. One of my most favorite would have to be The Old Town of Orange. It is not only the most trendy area to have photo shoots at but there are several good options for everyone to enjoy. Orange has continued to amaze me in the way it has developed to turn out today. Definitely a great spot to visit. Especially since it’s right by DisneyLand, Honda Center, Angels Stadium and so much more!
I moved here the beginning of February and I have had no concerns for my safety and well-being. I live right by the Angels and Honda Stadium, so there is a lot of entertainment to chose from, especially living 10 min away from Disneyland. There is an amazing hospital a few blocks down and more than enough grocery stores near by. Everything you would need is very reachable.
Orange is a beautiful place to live. It is very much a suburban area that is filled with many people. The town is full of a great school system that helps children in the area grow. One of my favorite things about Orange is the fact that it has trails going through the mountains and hills. It is a great place to get outside and exercise. Another great thing about Orange is its amazing restaurants. There are many of the mainstream restaurants ,but there are also small mom and pop shops that have great food too.
I really like how calm and peaceful the neighborhoods are during the day and night. I recently moved into this city and I don't have anything negative to say about this city. It's a great city to live in because it is not so impacted by so many people and I think there are really good schools in this city.
Very simple area, in the middle of everything. It is near the Orange Circle, just a 30-45 minute drive to the beach, about an hour to the mountains, and a ton of great schools in the area.
I lived in Orange and pretty much had a wonderful experience. The weather is nice, and so are the people. There is a good sense of community here.
The city of Orange is an overall great city to live in with its close proximity to activities such as Old Town Orange, Orange the Block, Discovery Center, Main Place Mall, Bowers Museum, and Disneyland and California Adventure. It provides a family-friendly area the whole family will enjoy. The job opportunities are endless in Orange, which provides a stable and comfortable living.
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Orange has great diversity and accessibility. It is quaint and welcoming. I'd like to see more small businesses promoted in Orange.
It’s been a great place to grow up. I’ve always felt safe and comfortable, and close enough to things while feeling private.
I was living in Montreal, Canada, and I moved to Orange a few months ago. I love this city. It has a lot of restaurants and shopping areas, a lot of beautiful houses, and most importantly it is very safe. The downside of living in Orange is that the houses and rents are very expensive.
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