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Overall fairly beautiful, safe area with plenty of things to do around the area: the beach, enjoy the plazas/shopping malls, restaurants and views. Good schools and great place to go on outings in.
I love the people and the atmosphere of Old Towne Orange. As you walk around the Circle (town square), you can feel the history of the city, but still enjoy modern and trendy eats.
I love the city of orange it is rich with culture from historic homes to Chapman University. The educational experience surrounds you daily. With hiking trails and zoos there is always something to do for everyone.
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orange county is a very nice place to live, the only downsides are .... I would say..... are...lack of health food restaurants, clothing stores, and small indie businesses. However, besides these downfalls orange is a majorily safe place to live and it is close to many things which makes transportation to places mentioned above very doable.
I go to college at Chapman University in Orange and one of the reasons why I chose to go there is because of the great and safe community there.
The city of Orange can be quiet and is a nice place to live or visit. It has good libraries, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Orange has great nature areas such as hiking trails and lakes. Old Towne Orange is nice with lots of shops and restaurants. Not too much to do in Orange, but fairly close to other places with activities. There is not much diversity but the people are relatively nice.
What I like about Orange is that its a very comforting city that makes everyone feel at home. It has a plaza that many people that live here enjoy and brings attention to others to explore the area. I enjoy the weather because the warmth is always pleasant. I would say orange is a divorce area which makes it a very welcoming place to live. I also like that it is very easy to walk from place to place especially because everything is so close. However, it has gotten very crowded and a bit overpopulated it is still very open to everyone.
This is such a cute little place to live and raise a family, but there are a lot of college students around from Chapman
I attend college in Orange, at Chapman University. The area I go to is a bit cramped in terms of all the buildings, but it's a lovely, comfortable area with lots to do.
Orange is such a beautiful, spirited, historical city. I have spent 17 years here, and I have never once gotten sick of it. From our orange trees to our old town full of vintage shops, Orange means home.
The town itself is very quaint and cute, the shops are always fun to browse, and the endless list of amazing restaurants and cafes always keeps me coming back!
The city of Orange is a family oriented, safe place to live. While funding is not its strongest suit, the structures are in nice condition making the experience living here more enjoyable.
It's a pretty nice place, though it's a large area, so the safety varies. There are plenty of good restaurants and parks in the area, and downtown orange has a good vibe and many restaurants, antique shops, and stores.
I was born and raised in Orange. It's one of the more quiet cities in Southern California. It is a family-friendly place that offers many places to explore, like Old Town Orange. It is also close to many other cities that are also great to explore.
It has great schools, everything is conveniently located as far as FWY's grocery stores and schools great K-12. I would want there to be less racial profiling in this community to make everyone that lives here that is not white feel comfortable driving around their community without being followed and eventually stopped due to profiling.
Orange is very safe with plenty of interesting options as far as antique stores. However, it can be pretty pricey, so don't expect to be able to do anything for free.
Lived in Orange for 10 years now and I know I'm going to miss this place when i go off to college. It is a tight-knit community, with access to great education and public places to relax and spend time with family and friends.
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Orange is a city that feels a bit like a college town. Most residents are either Chapman University students or older folks. The streets are safe to walk through and the neighborhoods tend to be quiet.
Orange is a very good city to live in. There are a lot of shops and reasturants and places to take your children
It's a great home town! Lots of things to do in the Orange Circle and close to lots of fun things like the beach, the Angels, and Disneyland.
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