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I think most people are nice here. The city is big so thier are lots of. Different things and people to see. For a large city it is mostly safe and well taken care of.
The city is really nice and will most likely get even nicer as time goes on. Especially when it comes to Downtown Omaha, there is always something going on or a unique little store or restaurant that you could stop in.
To me, Omaha is home. I grew up here all my life, and don't really have anything against it, but then again, I don't exactly favor it either. Omaha is a place full of wonderful people and places! Such a lovely city! No. It's really not. That's only the bits people want to show you. Truth be told, Omaha is a crazy place. Sure every city has it's rough points, and Omaha doesn't have it as bad as others, but it's scary here. The fear of knowing that you could walk outside and never come home. Knowing that your city is known for the MASSIVE STD problem. Its upsetting. Its gross.
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If only drivers in omaha weren't terrible. I thought this was everywhere but I swear anytime I go on vacation its never compared to how awful it is driving in omaha. And the peoples personalities match, basic and awful. Can't wait to finally leave this town in the stale republican fart dust and cleanse my soul of the waste I've spent growing up here. Can't wait for bigger better things. Peace out omaha good luck lol
Omaha is an amazing city full of many opportunities. Omaha is very diverse, however, it's divided by race. In South Omaha, people of Hispanic or Latin descent typically live over there. In North Omaha, people of African descent typically live over there. Those are the two that I know for sure where they're located. People of Asian descent and people who are American I don't quite remember where they typically live. Despite being separated racially, many schools in Omaha bus students in from anywhere. I currently go to Burke High School where diversity is one of the many great things about it. Some other complaints I have are the amount of roadwork and the amount of potholes there are. It's like they do too much construction at once and it takes forever, and I'm not even really sure what they're doing. I mean, just the other day I saw a turning lane blocked off, because they were doing construction on the sidewalk by it. Not really sure why or why the lane is blocked, but oh well.
Omaha is great if you can live in a suburb. It's just like any other town in midwestern suburbia when you do so. Otherwise, you deal with a racist police force and hordes of fascists who don't wear masks.
some great local things to visit like the zoo and alot of great companies like nebraska furniture mart
There is a massive racial divide that goes unnoticed easily. I grew up in one of the "bad neighborhoods" where supposedly no one works and they just live off the government.
I worked my way up to one of the "nice neighborhoods" and only confirmed the ignorance and hate. This all creates divides about quality of everything, jobs, schooling, housing. All of it.
But it seems to be a larger issue with the country as a whole not just this city
I have lived in Omaha, NE all my life and I have never thought twice about it. We may have too many potholes to count but that's all apart of its charm. I have never felt unsafe living in Omaha and it is a pretty beautiful city. It is small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed but it's big enough that you don't feel stuck in a small town going nowhere.
Omaha isn’t my favorite place, but it has its moments. Some pros include the regular events year round. There are amazing local family owned restaurants. Speaking of local restaurants there are also numerous local breweries. The music scene is said to rival that of Portland. Being the home of the College World Series brings a lot of tourism. According to many locals Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the best in the county.

With the pros come just as many cons that really need to be addressed. The roads are poorly maintained. The city seems to be pretty segregated and has some of the highest crime rates per capita in the country. The housing market is limited and it’s a sellers’ market for sure, but this may be your only option since renting is rather expensive. Due to an increase in population getting around is a hassle, especially in the winter when it can get to below freezing with everything covered in snow.
I think that Omaha is a good city to raise kids in, but there is a downside. Personally, if you find the right people to hang out with you can find things to do, but I just wish Omaha had more fun sites or places to go visit. Omaha is a great city with plenty of jobs and a diversity of people all around, but there's just not much excitement here.
Initially, I wasn't very fond of living in Omaha. I had just finished my freshman year in a tiny town in Iowa, and I was excited to finish the next three years of my high school experience in that simple town. When I moved, it was one of the hardest things for me to say goodbye to all my friends, and school became so much harder for me as well. However, I worked extremely hard in school, and I earned good grades because of it. I learned that putting in extra time and effort was all I needed to keep my grades where I needed them and the work ethic that I developed throughout high school is something I will never trade. However, I also learned to get out of my comfort zone socially. Initially, making new friends was very hard for me, but I learned to open up and be more accepting of change in my life. Now, I am able to see the beautiful city of Omaha for all the great things that it is. I have had so much fun living in Omaha these past few years. It has really been a blast!
What I like about Omaha is that it is a good place to raise a family.
What I would like to see change in Omaha is the race relations and the weather.
I like the diversity in the different areas of Omaha, but the safety in some areas in very questionable.
Omaha is a GREAT town. The food is excellent and there is always something to do! I attend college and the school is great and centrally located. Once you spend some time here, there are lots of little places to go that make this town special.
I enjoy living in Omaha as it provides our family with a nice mix of opportunities, affordability and fun things to do.
Nice place to start a career and raise a family, but watch out for the liberal views in this city, almost rivals that of California and Portland Oregon.
I believe it to be a nice, homey place to live in. The towns are bumbling with people coming & going, the houses are comfortable, there are plenty of parks & recreational centers, and crime rates in my area are low.
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Omaha is a wonderful city with many opportunities for raising a family. Unfortunately, it is heavily segregated by neighborhood and district, allowing more opportunity in some sections than others.
Omaha is a very upbeat, segregated and kind of racist city. West Omaha isn't bad, but north Omaha is very underfunded and being continually genetrified. This makes rent and other important necessities of life go up while wages stay the same, which brings down those in low-income communities. Pete Ricketts is one of the ones withholding on things like public safety, and of the community, and spending it on the death penalty and choosing not take care of his city. He is racist, and does not care about Omaha. It could be better.
Omaha is a wonderful city to grow up and to raise kids. There is a real sense of community with lots of locally owned businesses and online communities for people to connect. We have great schools, multiple farmers markets, lots of parks, lakes, and other outdoor activities, plus we have the Henry Doorly Zoo!
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