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I miss the cleanliness of where I used to live. Olympia is very unclean, which I think needs to change.
Olympia is a fairly big city, being the capital of the state, but still seems to be quite quiet. There are actually things to do here and places to go. And I like how there are stores, restaurants, and other places in Olympia that people might want to go to, instead of having to visit a different city.
Olympia is mostly a pretty cool place with a little bit of a old city feel. It would be nice to see a increase of aid to the homeless as there's a few places that could be renovate to assist them.
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Olympia might be a smaller town, however there is so much to do! From the capital forest to local downtown shops. Olympia has it all! Downtown includes thrift stores, record shops, plant stores and cute mom and pop shops. Its a great place for teens looking for fun adventures. My personal favorite spots are Burfoot Park and Priest Point park, which have beautiful trails and gorgeous views of the Puget Sound.
Olympia is perfect is you're looking to maintain the city experience but want to have more space and breathing room than a big city affords. It has quick access to other large cities like Tacoma or Seattle but is far more affordable. It never takes more than 15 minutes to get anywhere in the city so the commute time is excellent. It's the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula, less than two hours from Mt Rainier and Portland, and has plenty of city and state parks within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Lots of local, organic farm fresh food options but if you're looking for good restaurants, stick to the bigger cities. Overall, it is a beautiful and comfortable place to live.
Olympia has been destroyed by extreme liberal policies. There are homeless and mentally ill everywhere. Crime is so bad here that my wife was accosted inside of a busy grocery store during the middle of the day. Housing prices are out of control. The streets are lined with broken down RV's, garbage and graffiti. All most all of the once green spaces are now full of tents and garbage. You cannot go downtown without seeing used needles and human feces on the sidewalks. You never know when a "peaceful" protest/riot is going to break out. Worse yet they have now taken their "peaceful" protests, which include vandalization of private property, into the local neighborhoods; ours was hit at 3:30 am Thanksgiving morning. Law enforcement is all but nonexistent. In Olympia, as much of Western Washington, the lunatics are running the asylum.
I have grown up in Olympia for the majority of my life. I have always been hesitant when planning things downtown though. As there is a very large homeless community, I don't spend a lot of time downtown, but other than that the shops are sweet and everyone is relatively nice!
I love being in the PNW! However, as time goes on it has become a bit scary to live in Olympia. There are now shootings and such downtown which can be scary. On the other hand, there are many nice people and the town is overall supportive
I love living here, and I think that there are lots of fun activities and opportunities. Olympia seems to be a very liberal town on the surface, but there are definitely pockets of people with different views.
I moved to Olympia about 4 months ago and I've loved it. I haven't been able to explore the downtown due to the pandemic but I love how walkable it has been so far. It is mostly clean and our neighbors have all been friendly. Coming from Oklahoma, I am constantly in awe of the trees and mountains here. Being within an hour drive of multiple national parks is truly a blessing. There are lots of local parks nearby for us to take our dog and there's a nature reserve for when we just want peace and quiet. We have seen multiple deer, including the biggest buck I've ever seen, in our neighborhood which was a little surprising. Luckily, they haven't been aggressive or destructive. Being close to I5 means that we can get anywhere we need relatively quickly. If there is a downside here, it is that it is 3x as expensive to buy a house compared to Oklahoma. Once we got past the sticker shock though, it has been a truly wonderful place to live.
It is nice, especially if you play Pokemon Go, because their are so many pokestops nearby, but traffic is horrible! the roads are not meant to handle so many people! The Price of living is expected if you want to live there. Very loud, at night, but I lived right next to one of those raised highway things and a park. Other than the roads (very serious issue), Olympia is a great place to live
I have had an overall wonderful experience with Olympia! There are lots of great walking trails that are safe for my daughter and I to walk and bike ride. I would love to see Olympia to be more of a welcoming friendly place. I have come across some very rude and negative people. I think that if we can all get together and raise our positivity, it would help us out in the long run. One smile at a time.
Olympia is a small, very scenic town. The downtown area has a farmers market, an array of small local businesses, and a great selection of fresh seafood. Olympia is a great place to enjoy the wonders of the PNW.
Olympia is the Safeway version of Seattle. That's the best way that I can put it and the only way I know how. I've lived here since I was four years old. I'm a bit jaded by the town, but I have to admit that it's an amazing place to grow up despite my disdain for it.
Big city and small town all wrapped up in one. I moved here as a temporary situation and loved it so much that I stayed.
Overall, I really like the city of Olympia. Despite the often rainy or overcast weather and the dumpy parts of downtown, it’s a fun place to live. The quirky downtown shops and gorgeous artwork all over the city are my favorite things about it. The food is generally pretty good, especially Nom Nom, Cooper Point Public House, and Lemongrass. The marina and the Capital building are always good views and the hikes in the area are perfect examples of the Pacific Northwest flora and fauna. I have lived in Oly my whole life and am very appreciative of it.
I love this place!! I lived here for about 3 years and then had to moved to Texas. Been depressed ever since!
There is so much to do, Farmers Market, coffee, wine, crafts, boating. Relax with Movie time at the Park, pick one, There is so much to do, what is great, you can jump on a bus, or train and go to the Seattle for the day. The best experience of my life. I hope to be coming back here.
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olympia is a great town in certain areas. Right now the homeless population is growing and It tends to make the downtown area very unpredictable when it comes to crime.
I moved here for school. I love how open and friendly the community. The downfall is it isn't very diverse, despite being a college town.
I love the nature around Olympia as well as the open mindedness that the people of Olympia have. Really low crime rate and very helpful and kind people wherever you go. If I could change anything it would be the amount of homeless people in Olympia. It is sad to see all these people struggling and I wish there was something done that could help these people.
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