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Olney is a wonderful area to hang out with friends. There are numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational areas that give any individual or group all the possibilities they would want or need. Olney also caters to people of all ages with historical sites, a new beer farm, skate park, dog park, and multiple opportunities for recreational sports for kids and teens. Olney also has a strong sense of community, having multiple events during the year supporting local businesses and paying tribute to the local police and fire departments.
My experience in Olney has been good. There are grocery stores, restaurants, and bus stops that are all within walking distance. The hospital is a short drive away. My area is fairly quiet.
Great place to raise kids. Very safe and lots of local parks. There’s little diversity though. With 200 being so close, commutes aren’t bad.
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I grew up here. It's kinda boring but I love it. Great place to raise a family! We got a chick-fil-a recently so like, thats poppin. Epic public schools, and okay private schools. OBGC is awesome for little kids and teenagers.
I moved here in 1rst grade, everything is walking distance and some people are nice but some other people are just terrible in Olney. After awhile you get tired of the restaurants that are open, there's nothing special here like a costco or target, and there's absolutely no clothing stores whatsoever which drives me insane so I have to convince my mom to drive me to the mall which is 25 minutes away. On the bright side Olney is a great place to bike around or walk, there are a bunch of paths and lakes to go on that aren't too long but its something to do.
Although there are many good aspects of living in Olney, there are also many downfalls. There is a lack of diversity, after nine at night nothing happens, and it tends to be a more expensive area due to the closeness to D.C.
Olney is a great family friendly city. It’s safe and great to live in. The community where I live are welcoming.
Olney has a very nice atmosphere wherein you feel like you're at home even if you've just moved. I found Olney to be very pleasant area filled with delicious restaurants and warm people.
I've lived in Olney with my parents for about ten years now, and I love it here. We don't have many recreational activities for teens(teens aren't allowed at the Fair Hill fountain) here, but there's a lot of places to eat, and it's my home, which makes it 10x better.
Olney is a great place to raise families. The schools in this area are great and provide many opportunities to their students. There are many activities within an hour or less of the town, and DC is very accessible. There are multiple metro accesses close to Olney allowing for easy travel. Violent crime is minimal, and there are a variety of interesting historical sites in the area.
I moved to Olney after I graduated from middle school so that I could attend Sherwood High School. My four years living in Olney has been a great experience. Before I moved to Olney, I had heard some great things about this city. The location, people, schools, roads, etc really exceeded my expectations and made me realize that moving to Olney wasn't such a bad idea after all. The thing I like most about Olney is its town center. The town center consists mainly of food places, but also contains drug stores, many grocery stores, eye doctor offices, gyms, etc. The only thing I would change about Olney is to add another major shopping store. The only clothing store that exists within Olney is T.J. Maxx and I feel like Olney needs another one.
My personal experience in Olney has been great. I love the community and it is a very family oriented town and is very safe. The one thing that could be improved upon in Olney is the lack of activities and things to do. The town is not too big nor too small and is mostly residential with not a lot of commercial stores.
I enjoy living here. There are places to eat and shop. It is not far from other towns which have more to do in them.
Olney is an expensive place to live in. Everything here is expensive. The house is unrealistically expensive. Absolutely no nightlife what so ever. Once it is past 7 pm it is pretty much silence outside
Nice people, used to be farming land. Cool community. Great farmers market. Great Support for local business!
There is a mostly diverse group here, although improvement is always needed. Compared to more rural parts of Maryland, Olney is well developed and highly urbanized in my personal opinion.
Olney is a gorgeous town. Living in Olney my entire life has been a true blessing. I lived in a neighborhood called Hallowell and I liked how the houses were large and had a good amount of land. I also liked how Olney was a very safe community. The Olney Town Center was also an amazing part of the community which as time passes get newer and newer.
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I love Olney - there are lots of grocery stores and delicious restaurants and shopping places around. Also there are many places to go for walks.
I have lived in Olney for my whole life. I have always been in public schooling and have been successful. The area is safe and wholesome but the cost of living is high.
Love the options for dining. However, there is not much to do (not many shops or activities). It is a beautiful town and in great location. It has very good schooling, but the living is expensive.
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