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Old Bridge is a community that values education and character. There are always events and volunteer opportunities to get involved with, while the local schools offer a quality education and a support system for the students. Furthermore, the town is small, so you'll likely to meet a familiar face eventually.
The town is a very big place, with lots of activities and diversity. Everyone doesn't know everyone, and it is a good place for kids to live. The schools are great and the quality of life is good.
Old Bridge is a quaint town with multiple areas where you can do multiple activities. The main library is amazing in having summer activities for youths and activities all year long.
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I have grown up in Old Bridge all my life. It is very family friendly as there are 12 elementary schools, 2 Middle Schools and 1 High School. I am still close friends with peers from all three school levels. There are many sports activities to participate in as well as many parks and even a dog park!
this town is huge with a very diverse population. we also have a lot of things to do like a handful of beautiful parks and many stores to shop at. conveniently located close to turnpike and a couple city areas of new jersey.
I am a current student attending Old Bridge High School and I strongly say that I love old bridge community. Majority of the people in Old Bridge are very friendly and make you feel welcomed. It's also a very safe town with police officers everywhere. There are also very few areas in Old Bridge where there are no buildings/store, making the town seem occupied and lively. There's always something to do in Old Bridge considering the endless stores all around. Old Bridge High School is also a very good public school for kids to attend. The school spirit the school has is amazing and the teachers and staff are extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend others to move to Old Bridge, New Jersey
I enjoy the variety of shopping centers, farmers markets, and restaurants in the area. I feel very safe in my neighborhood.
It’s a very family friendly and safe suburb. Clean and there are many shopping centers and a wide variety of food in the area.
"A small town with a lot of people" is the best way I can describe us. Kinda odd that apartment prices are weirdly expensive and then the immediately surrounding areas are nicer for a lesser price but we have a ragtag sort of charm.
Great place to grow up in, average American suburb. The public schools are not very good, they are average. Good access to things, close to NYC and other major places (i.e. Rutgers University or other schools). Far away enough where everything is more open and less crowded. Nice place to grow up, calm, safe, and family friendly. Cost of living, as in any place in New Jersey, is high, but less expensive than a city closer to NYC.
Old Bridge is a little bit of everything, just driving around the 42 square miles, I found beautiful country roads, lakes,extremly friendly people and easy access to all types of transportation. Including an airport and racetrack .
There is usually never threat of anything/anywhere being unsafe. The crime rate, that I know of, is very low and policemen are not often seen around involved with any crimes.
Old Bridge is my hometown and I have never had one negative comment towards it. I love living here, especially since the location is a short drive from malls near the area, many places to eat, to hike, to vacation, and the list goes on. I would definitely refer Old Bridge to new home owners looking for a peaceful place to settle down in.
neighbors tend to help out others neighbors when they can.
Police are very visible during day or night time. Feel very safe
I would recommend anyone to move to this town.
Barley any crime! A few small things here and there but nothing we can not handle
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The high school in this town is beyond amazing. Such a safe and warm place for the students. Most definitely a school i would recommend to friends!
I feel safe in the area.
There has been some drug problems in the past few years, but overall it is a nice suburban area.
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