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We enjoy to live in Ogden, NC. Beautiful area in 15 min drive to the ocean, great public schools. Friendly people, few attractions, everything in 10-15 min by car.
Ogden is a good place to live. Imagine the generic definition of "suburbia" and that what it is. There plenty of grocery stores nearby, and Mayfair (an outdoor mall) is only 15 minutes away. The beach and downtown are each about a 20 minute drive away. It is also very safe, the only sirens I hear are from the occasional fire truck. However, the road I live on has quite a bit of traffic because it is a cut-through between two major roads in town, but most of the side streets are very quiet.
There are many policemen that you will see riding around the city, especially in the downtown areas where they are needed most.
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I love living here and want to stay my whole life. Wilmington has been growing over the past few years of me living here. Now during the summer it is a tourist destination. The local people are very diverse is ages, the University of North Carolina in Wilmington is here which adds lots of college students plus there are many families.
our roads are overcrowded for emergency vehicles
Smaller communities do not offer the job opportunities that larger communities offer. However the larger cities have more people looking for those increased jobs.
Hurricanes ,thunder storms and accompanying tornadoes are the biggest weather problems. You need shorts and tank tops if you are sitting through a hurricane, lose power and air conditioning goes out!
Love Pita Delite under new management! the chain Carrabas (Chicken Bryan) and Bonefish Grill (Bang Bang Shrimp) are favorites!
Shopping for clothes is not as good as in a bigger city. The smaller boutiques are good like Edge of Urge and Island Passage. Being of the vintage clothing era. the thrift stores are enjoyable!
Some areas of town are bad crime wise but the rest of the area is generally quite safe.
The local area is a typical beach town that offers a plethora of ways to enjoy the water with different sports and leisure events.
The airport in this area has a decent amount of traffic but the only other way out of the local area to another big city is either by air or by car.
The area is heavy on tourism and does offer good jobs but if you are specialized in a specific industry, this area might not be for you.
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