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It’s a small town but a lot of the people here are very nice, it’s a close community. There’s a few things to do here but to go into any big city it’s all about five hours of a drive. The traffic is pretty bad here but other than that there’s a lot of farm animals and restaurants to try, plus midland is pretty close and there’s more things to do there.
It is a small quiet town but everyone here is super friendly and welcoming towards me especially my neighborhood
Pretty high crime rate but most the people are great. There is a lot of great Mexican food options! The weather is fairly warm year round.
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Absolute worst city I've ever had the displeasure of living in. The people are selfish and straight up jerks. I couldn't mention the amount of times a loud truck or bike or car drove by my apartment endangering lives of hard working people. The police constantly turn their lights on just to pass stoplights. Everyone cares about oilfield workers and that industry and if you work in anything else such as healthcare they do not care about you here. Nothing but a bunch of trash scum people that think they are worth more because they are in the oil field. If you have a choice between any other city and this place choose the other city.
Living in odessa back in the early 2000's was better then what it is now. Crime has always been a part of odessa unfortunately. Over the years the oil field booming brought in outsiders which caused the crime rate to increase tremendously. I would like to see more law enforcement patrolling the streets so the crime rate will decrease.
I feel the neighborhood I live in is very safe. We have a low crime rate. There are always people walking down the streets with their kids. There are always kids playing outside. My family and I enjoy going on bike rides in our neighborhood because we do feel very safe. There are good people who live in this neighborhood, they are very helpful. The schools are great here. It's a very quiet neighborhood, nobody plays their music too loud or anything. I've been living here for about 1 year and it is honestly the best neighborhood I've ever lived in. We love it so much.
Odessa sports some of the prettiest sunsets you'll ever see. The people of west Texas are friendly and willing to lend a hand to friends and strangers alike. However, the constant influx of transient workers, very high cost of living, the boom and bust of the oil field, and the lack of preparing infrastructure for the future makes Odessa a tough city to thrive in.
This place sucks I lived here and it’s a crime ridden dump and I absolutely hate it so from me to you a small piece of advice don’t go here
Odessa, Texas is a very easy-going town. It has had a substantial growth in population in the last 5 years, which is most likely due to the oil field. It's mainly a work oriented town. There are a few changes that I would like to see in Odessa. I would like to see more of an art culture in the future to brighten up the town. It would also be nice to have more entertainment venues; giving the public a variety of fun opportunities.
Odessa is a busy little town, sadly due to crimes and drugs, it can be a dangerous place, right now nothing much is open due to the pandemic.
So yeah not a quaint little town. More like Murder USA.
It's my hometown so i can't help but love everything about it. There are plenty of cultural restaurants to try from all different backgrounds.
This place is home and will always be home. I have lived in Odessa my whole life and it has its ups and downs but no place like it. Home to the oilfields and with so many businesses and companies on the come up.
Thus town is very small but very comfortable. It's very boring and it's just restaurants everywhere. Theres nothing to do here.
Odessa is a place where you can get a job with a great pay! The city makes so much money from all these peoples taxes. Odessa does not have good roads, poor drainage system, lots of deadly wrecks, no fun places or activities for families, and prices are super expensive in rents which is sad to pay almost $2000 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom mobile home that is falling apart.
There is nothing exciting to do in Odessa. Therefore, a lot of people have never heard of this city. However, there are a lot of food places to enjoy.
I have lived in Odessa my whole life and have grown to love it very much. Each year our city strive to be better and better. With new school being built and the remodeling playground, Odessa has grown to be a great town. Every year our one quiet town grows larger and larger with the oil booming. And with that new people, new businesses, and new experiences Odessa continues to offer.
If I could give less than 1 star, I would. I have never been more terrified to walk outside in my life than I am in Odessa, TX. People are horribly rude everywhere you go; including businesses. I have had more appointments canceled without reason or notification, been turned away thirty minutes before closing and walked into so many places without being greeted and had eyes rolled at me than anywhere I've ever been. There is so much trash and crime around this town that I am counting down the minutes until I can get out of here. It is also extremely expensive to live here and everywhere is way below par for living conditions. You are getting charged for a mansion when in reality you live in a shack.
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Odessa is a nice town, not perfect but no place is. I've lived here nearly all my life, and it's grown a lot in recent years. The traffic, road accidents, constant road repair is dangerous and frustrating, but all results of the fact our town is improving and growing.
The city of Odessa is a great city personally speaking. However, the city's economy is booming and this creates lot of jobs yet those who are poor will only get poorer and many everyday amenities are above the average price of things.
I would like for odessa to become a safer place .in this area there are a lot of car accidents due to the roads being filled with cars.
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