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You better hope the township supervisor that is there currently is not there for long. If you do not get in on the boards good side they will make your life a living hell here. If you run a small business if you don't have every type of product etc listed on your "special permit" they try to charge you 200-500$ for they will shut you down after they take your money. They will also wander your property whenever they feel like for any inspections they feel like. If you put up no trespassing signs or challenge their authority at all they threaten to sue you. BE CAREFUL! PROTECT YOURSELF, Always record or have witnesses to any interaction with the board. There is also little to no diversity... Minorities beware (they aren't fond of any minorities).
I live in a small town. It is a nice place to raise kids and there are things to see and do. plus it is a short drive to a bigger city.
The best area to live in here is where there are a lot of open fields. You don't get any sounds of cars or trains but only bugs making sounds at night and an occasional bird chirping in the morning, it is a very peaceful and pleasant place to live.
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Living in the country area of Rockford you don't see very much crime. It is a place where you can roam and be free without feeling scared to go outside when it is dark out.
Since it is Michigan, you don't really have four seasons, but you get a little of every season in every season. Springs are sometimes cold and sometimes warm, it really depends on the winter that we have had. If we have had a bitterly cold winter we get a decently nice spring, but it doesn't like to arrive until the last week of March if you are lucky. Summers are wonderful, you have a good combination of warm days and cooler days. Falls are so beautiful! You get all the colors of fall along with the warm air of Summer. Winter can be brutal sometimes, but all in all, it is really beautiful.
In this area there aren't a lot of places to go dance or clubbing, but there are some amazing restaurants that are around. One of my favorites is the Corner Bar. A place where you can go and drink but also a family oriented restaurant. They serve food anywhere from wraps to hot dogs. Hot dogs are what they are known for. They have contests of who can eat the most in a certain amount of time and you get your name on the wall and a t-shirt.
Most people in this area either have little shops or farm. The little shops are easy to get jobs with because they are always looking for help and they invite you in like family.
Living near downtown Rockford is so amazing! In the downtown community you get the feel of city but also not too crowded. There are so many little shops downtown that you can enter and everyone is so welcoming. It's nice to have a feel of home when you visit shops. In downtown Rockford there is everything! From restaurants to clothing shops to ice cream shops. One of my favorites is Custard by the Dam. Just like it sounds you get homemade custard by the Rockford dam and it is so much fun!
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