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Neighbors are relatively kind. It's more diverse than the average suburb, I really enjoyed living next to a nature preserve, an elementary school and trails all around me. Oakdale is on the outskirts of the city so it's not a hard drive. And North St Paul is just around the corner if you want a blast from the past.
Oakdale is a lovely suburban for families or current college students attending century college.plenty of fun things to do check out Marcus theater or pins bowling alley!
Great place to live until July 4th, fireworks goes on day after day for a month and the police do not enforce the law when it comes to fireworks.
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I love the quiet environment, however would love to see more street lights because its often hard to see in the night time.
Close to the cities, but lots of parks and things to do outside with my kids. A few indoor parks for the not so nice days
I have lived in Oakdale my whole life. It's a great place to grow up. It is enough in the city to be near things but outside it enough to be quite. There are many good parks in Oakdale, my favorite being the Oakdale Park.
Oakdale is a quite family suburb. Far enough from the city excitement but close enough for all the fun. It is a family friendly and safe town to live in. However, Oakdale is not very diverse. It also has a lot of intolerant residence that would not be interested in diversifying the town.
Oakdale is a safe neighborhood only minutes from the Twin Cities. It is between two large suburbs which offer lots of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and services. Friendly people and good school district.
I've lived here most of my life. I have always had good neighbors. Marcus Cinema is a great theater and is very close. People keep to themselves mostly, but can be very friendly. It's close to several grocery and other stores. Keep in mind that there is no Sales Tax on Clothes and many types of food *current year 2017
I moved to Oakdale about five years ago. Since then, I have gotten to know the community well. The population is diverse, but there is a good sense of community and friendship between neighbors. The local police department actively pursues community outreach rather than against them. The school district is good and pursues public opinion, even of taxpayers with no children in the district. Public lands are well maintained, as are roads and utilities. However, there are limited options for activities aside from parks, due to its proximity to Minneapolis. In addition, the housing market is bad as available housing is expensive. A broader range of stores, restaurants, and other activities, as well as a wider diversity of housing options aside from apartments or large new houses would be helpful.
It is a great place to live. some of they have city ordinances to keep the neighborhood looking nice.
I like the small town feel but still have access to two larger cities within 10 minutes. It has a trail system that is great for walking and hiking in the summer.
The city of Oakdale is a very quiet and friendly area. I have worked in this city for over 10 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it! It is a very fast commute from where I live and they have a lot of different companies in and around the area.
There are some really nice people in these areas around here especially the new neighbors that I just recently met.
I think my town could get better and safer but for now I think it is OK. For national night out like we do every year, we had a block party and we had over half the block of new people so it was nice to meet new people and our new neighbors.
I have never really seen or heard of crime around my house.
i enjoy being able to feel like i am in a sort of secluded area but i am still in walking distance of lots of restaurants and businesses. One thing that could be better is that even though I live in a townhouse complex, I hardly know any of my neighbors. It isn't a personal choice either, it is the atmosphere of the area. It isn't necessarily bad, it is just an observation.
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The Police in Oakdale are second to none in the East Metro, the best cops around, and they are always doing a great job especially enforcing speeding in residential areas where there could be kids playing outside, and just making the quality of life here great.
I would love to live here again. The house is not on the main road, so it is safe to be outside in front yards, on the street, the neighbors are very nice and friendly. There is a nature preserve right across the street, and that makes it feel out of the Twin Cities, but it is still 20 minutes to St. Paul and 30 minutes to Minneapolis.
Not many crimes occur in our town.
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