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I love this town! I've lived here my whole life. Here in Oakdale, we have a diverse yet close-knit community. Our Public Schools are great and being a one high school town we have tremendous support from the community. I will admit the nightlife is average but we have our fair share of bars and other amenities. Being a small country community we are perfectly situated between the city of Modesto and we are the gateway to the mountains so you have an adventure on either side. The river, rodeo, knights ferry, and of course football games can aid in your entertainment. We have low levels of crime and the conservative-leaning town keeps it quite. Jobs can be found and if your looking for a place to raise a family you've found it.
Oakdale is a pretty quiet town known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World.” The population is around 21,000 so the place is fairly small but it’s also a place where everyone knows each other. You’ll often run into someone you know at the store, restaurants, or our handful of annual festivals/events (like the Chocolate Festival or the Rodeo). There are several preschools, 4 elementary schools, one junior high school, and one high school. We are on the way to Yosemite so we experience some traffic downtown on the weekends and the holidays. Quite a few people live on the outskirts of town on their own ranch or orchard, since we are agriculture-oriented. If you’re wondering about the political leaning here, most people are conservative.
My experience living in Oakdale has been pretty good with the exception of a few racial incidents. I am an African-American male living in a very conservative white part of California and I have had a couple of encounters with racist people, however, those individuals do not represent the values of most of the residents here.
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Oakdale is a quiet little town without a lot of stray animals running around and sirens going off every 5 minutes but it's not perfect. Rent is expensive and if you ever get a ticket from animal control, you better pay it or it's going on your water bill.
Love this small town, I am very close with my neighbors and many individuals in my town, i will never walk into a grocery store and not recognize a face. Living in Oakdale is wonderful.
I have grown up in Oakdale. It has grown a lot in the past ten years. Overall my experience has been pretty good. I love the football town. I enjoy that you can talk to everyone and they are always friendly.

Like every town it has its downfalls. There has been an increase in crime in the past couple of years. I would like to see that disappear. But overall, not a terrible experience. 4 stars!
I love the schools in Oakdale. I also think it is very family friendly and lots of programs for children. There is a lot of spirit towards the history of Oakdale. It is a pretty clean town that is pleasant to drive through. There are a lot of farms and orchards. I really enjoy the produce stands found all over. This makes eating farm to fork very convenient.
Oakdale is beautiful little town unlike any I have seen before. Although its small size can limit nightlife and job opportunities, it is a peaceful, tight-knit community perfect for raising a family. The public school is gorgeous, maintains an atmosphere of school spirit, and has a great football team. Teens go to the public skate park is which always kept clean and visible even at night. For adults Oakdale does not lack for fun events. Nicknamed the "Cowboy Capital of the west" there is an upcoming rodeo which it holds every spring, which is followed by a yearly chocolate festival. Oakdale is also located nearby many camping, hiking, and other outdoor opportunities for its residents to take advantage of. Tourists from all over the world stop by our local Raley's on their way to Yosemite national park.
Oakdale is small town in California. It is small, but there is a lot of different things that one can do around here. I have lived here all my life and have yet to be sorely disappointed with it.
I would like to see the crime rate go down and the people that cause trouble here who moved here from different towns move out of this town. I don't blame the cops for the crime rate in Oakdale. I blame the trashy people who ruined this town.
I have lived in Oakdale my whole life and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the friendliest neighborhood everyone is so kind. One thing I would want to change would be our local stores, we need a Target.
Great small town feel , good schools, places to go outside, family friendly. Neighbors are welcoming and kind . People take better care of there homes and neighborhoods then The surrounding towns.
Our family moved to Oakdale 1.5 years ago. It is small town, and feels like a small down. The people are very friendly.
Over all oakdale is a great city to live in. The people out here are nice great community. Alot of local businesses get great support from the city. The schools out here are excellent, u lived out here for awhile everyone knows you.
Oakdale is a good place to raise a family. Low crime, good schools, family atmosphere. The only drawback is that the people here really love their town and do not welcome outsiders. They really believe it will cause Oakdale to lose it's small town charm. It was difficult for our older son (9th grade) to make friends but our youngest started here in 1st grade so it has been a much different experience for him.
I love many aspects of small town living and it is a great place to raise children. It's not the best for young, single adults since it isnt close to the arts, beaches, nightlife, and the urban vibe. It is nice for open space and the feeling of freedom that gives you that you don't get in many California cities.
Majority of people start kinder garden with one another and graduate from high school together. We tend to be a tight knit community of friendly people.
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The police in my city are extremely responsive, considering that there is not much crime that happens within our city limits. Due to the low rate of major crimes, the police have much much more time to pay attention to traffic violations.
First off let me introduce Oakdale as the "Cowboy capital of the world". My small town in filled with the most kind and loving calf ropers and farmers that you will ever meet. Let's just say I could walk one mile down the main street and visit with all of my neighbors. The home town hospitality radiates not only from the people but also from the classic atmosphere. Although with the booming industry that is developing within Oakdale, it never loses it's classic look; with red brick buildings that cover the street. As Oakdale progresses into the future, I do not think it would ever become a booming town like San Francisco or San Jose, but that is the beauty of a little town.
The police officers are everywhere and they are always quick to go to danger.
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