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Oakbrook is very homey and welcoming. I've lived here all my life and I've aways felt safe and at home.
It’s very quiet and beautiful but is poorly lit with not enough areas to walk in as well as minimal places to eat and be social or go shopping but does have some options. Not somewhere I’d like to stay long term but definitely nowhere I dread living.
You g women feel safe walking around at night alone,
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Its a very nice place for families and for children to grow up
Florence is a very congested city. Traffic gets pretty bad because of all the schools so close by. I think school districting could be better, the Florence area tends to keep "rich" families seperate from poorer areas as far as grade schools go; I think this prevents young kids from experiencing diversity and becoming more accepting of others. Crime isn't bad in this area at all.
There is not a lot of bars in Florence, it is an consertive area.
There is a lot of minimum wage jobs but not a lot for college.
Lowe's hardware, the summer items are always better than Home Depot.
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