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The town is very safe and welcoming, with it having a national laboratory and being a big science town, Oak Ridge is fairly diverse. There are sidewalks and bike lanes throughout the entire city which is amazing for outdoor runners like myself! The school system has been exceptional to have attended. The only change I suggest having lived here for 22 years is to expand young adult life with fun hip restaurants or bars or an outdoor food truck park. Oak Ridge is currently very aged and a great place to retire, but it lacks the youthful center that the neighboring Knoxville has.
Oak ridge has been a home to me for many years. Calm and traffic free, there are plenty of job opportunities among other things.
I love Oak Ridge. Great city and awesome place to live. Lots of cool museums and historical sites to visit nearby.
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A great small town mix of high tech associated with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory(ORNL), the whole town is part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, a quiet little town within 20 minutes of the larger city of Knoxville which includes a major university and a university hospital, and just over an hour away from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park (the most visited in the park system). Beautiful lakes and rivers, forests, hiking trails, and more are all within easy access.
Oak Ridge is a beautiful area to raise a family, very rich tradition in sports, tight knit community with a top notch school system. very great job opportunities, as well as good resturants. it is close to knoxville as well.
Oak Ridge is extremely backwards. It has a decent education system for the kids they deem worthy starting in KG.
The area for the most part are clean and there is a lot of youth leadership opportunities. Diversity is good here however there is an issue with juuling related stuff.
Oak Ridge is a great city. It's a pretty small city, with a beautiful lake and tons of great hiking trails and greenways. Oak Ridge is home to one of the best rowing venues in the nation, and one of the best school systems in the nation. It is conveniently close to Knoxville, Chattanooga, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The weather is also pretty great here; we experience all four seasons and relatively little snow. There are also many job opportunities, with a National Lab and large school district.
I go to school at Roane State and it's good to see all of the new things that are being built in the city.
oak ridge is the tiny little city hidden in the rolling hills of the TN valley. Not too much to do here but the people are friendly and has everything you may need.
Oak Ridge is a historical city in east Tennessee that promotes a small town atmosphere while also bustling with activity and diverse people from all backgrounds. The city itself was created during WWII as a "secret city" in which to produce atomic bombs. The war may be over, but there is still a mysterious and captivating aspect to Oak Ridge that lives on through native residents. In the future, I hope to see younger populations flock to Oak Ridge. Currently, Oak Ridge has an aging population, but I have hope that more people of the younger generation will find this city as fascinating as I do.
I like living in Oak Ridge. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet. Would like to see some other shopping places come. We have way too many food places, not enough shopping.
I like Oak Ridge because it has a small town feel, but has plenty to do. The school system is amazing, and the National Lab provides many jobs, and brings people in to Oak Ridge.
The people are incredibly kind and accepting. Be careful about speaking with your check out clerk at the grocery store, you might be there a while. :)
It's cool and stuff. Overall enjoyable experience. Here's some more characters, and even more. Oh, and some more characters here.
Oak Ridge has fantastic schools. Oak Ridge High School excels both in academics and athletics. The city generally consists of older residents, but youth in the city are still active through organizational clubs. The nature and scenery of Oak Ridge is easily accessible and convenient.
I love how close the Oak Ridge community is to our past. It is so incredible to grow up in an area that is so rich in history, and maintains a quaint, small-town feel of the forties. Also, the economic and educational opportunities that the Oak Ridge National Lab brings are top-notch.
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I moved here almost five years ago and it was the best thing that our family could have done. The school system is amazing and the city is very clean and safe. I’m so glad that we are raising our children here🙂.
Lived in Oakridge 2 years an I love it! Really clean town safe an friendly laid back
Lots of parks A+schools
I currently enjoy everything about Oak Ridge. The school systems here are above average and I am very grateful that I will be able to raise my child.
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