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Oak hills a very safe neighborhood with a tightly knit community. There is a community organization that takes care of budgets for the recreation center and pool, as well as the newsletter, and general maintenance. However, living can be moderately expensive, and there is a monthly payment towards these facilities. There are frequent community events that often involve guest speakers as well.
I'm a rather attractive young woman in this area and I use public transportation all the time, I rarely feel unsafe.
I wish I could live right in the city for the rest of my life. I love love love travel, but the people here are unbeatable... as well as the sights
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Great place for kids, sports, activities.
People are really friendly and there is a great mix of city and outdoorsy things to do.
Everything is closely bunched together, and the housing is low budget, poor quality, and the layout was poorly thought out. When people choose to live here, it definitely isn't because of the housing.
The facilities available are stellar, it's just a matter of whether or not you can afford them. Many people make use of the free facilities for exercise, however, such as the walk paths and parks with basketball and tennis courts. In general, I would say the people in this area are relatively health conscious and find some way to stay active.
There are frequent small crimes, such as breaking into (or really just opening) car doors. However, there are rarely any major or serious ones.
The weather here is temperate and nice, and rarely doesn't it get too hot or cold. Though we could get a little bit more sun, overall the weather is very nice and the climate is beautiful.
The food in portland is amazing. There are so many delicious options to choose from.
There are job opportunities in this area, but they can be competitive and you have to work for them
There are many amazing local businesses, especially restaurants to choose from, and there's always something exciting and new to check out
Not enough infastructure to support traffic congestion
Sustainability for community is positive
Good neighborhood with eyes on for safety
The job market is growing
Local small business tends to open and close with rapid turnover. Could be property taxes, lack of consumer traffic due to location
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New construction, beautiful, energy efficient.
I love Portland weather, very mild.
People seemed to be employed.
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