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I love my neighborhood; I moved here when I was in 7th grade and I've seen it grow so much just in the past 5 years. The sense of community in my neighborhood is so incredibly strong and comforting. The relationships I've nurtured with my neighbors are relationships I'll cherish years after I move away for school, whether it be the families I babysit for or the neighbors that let me use their dock during the summer.
The Willamette river is my favorite place where I can go and feel as if I went on an short outdoor trip. My children and I enjoy biking near the river and walking to the peninsula. We also enjoy watching the fish leap in the river in the early evenings and sometimes early in the morning
Inexpensive cost of living and close to the river.
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I have enjoyed growing up in this area. I feel like it has been a very good place to grow up and get an education as it is a bit more sheltered than places such as downtown where there are more illegal activities.
The housing here is great, and many of the lots have a lot of spacious land to sprawl out and have a good time. The yearns in most lots are fenced in, so the dogs and other animals can be safe. The area is full of diversity in the pushing development, which is great.
A lit of the people who live in the area are from a very rough, or live in a rough house. Many come from a background of violence, but have chosen to become the "better" person. The neighbor Hood also has a lot of traffic problems at the intersection.
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