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I feel that the police do not do a very good job of monitoring the locality and seem very bad at their jobs. Crime rates are way too high for such a small area and they do not keep watch over the rental companies in the area. The rental companies charge way too much for the houses available and the condition that they are in.
Ive been living in Oak Grove for 16 years. Oak grove is outside of Ft Campbell are base. Oak Grove is very quiet and now its growing with more houses. One thing I would like to seen change is more side walks for people to walk on. I find it very dangerous for people to walk in the middle of the street. This could also help and get more people to exercise. change I would like to see is more stuff for children to do. More activity.
I love that living in Oak Grove rent wise is cheaper. I would like to see it easier to like get our tags for the car and also for replacing a lost drivers license. Maybe make it easy like Tennessee possible to get it replaced online for the driver license. I am afraid of how much it will cost me to get my car tags this year I've heard nightmares with that. Other than these things I would not change anything. I come from a small town so I love it here!
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In Oak Grove, the town is between two big cities, Hopkinsville and Clarksville. The town is not big so it is naturally a friendly environment. Mostly everyone knows each other and can get along. I like that Oak Grove is most of the time a safe environment and a calm place to raise a family. However, Oak Grove could use sidewalks along the road for pedestrians.
This neighborhood is just an average neighborhood. It has a park near by which would be good for kids to go and play at. With the park in the neighborhood it would help kids have a better time making friends. Overall this neighborhood is just your typical neighborhood.
I personally am not a fan of Oak Grove, I came from Colorado as a military spouse. Oak Grove doesn't have much to do or many places to eat in. It is a military town and not much appeal.
I enjoy Oak Grove a lot it is very quite as well as very open to nature. There is a lot of green trees as well as creeks and open fields. My family and I enjoy the peace.
I like Oak Grove due to the fact of location. It's on the outskirts of Clarksville/ FT.Campbell. Everything I need is close by but yet I have my privacy. There are just a handleful of police officers that keep this little town safe and it's comforting. I have 3 dogs and sometimes they escape from the backyard and the friendly neighborhood always brings them back or gives me a call. Just love the little town of Oak Grove.
the police seem rather functional and attentive. The roads are a disgusting mess.
The area is pretty fine. However, the recent governmental cuts in college spending threaten the quality of education for both the high school system and the nearby college system. There has recently been a large amount of people moving away from the area and many houses up for sale and not yet filled in with new people.
It isn't fancy, but is livable and a roof over our heads.
There is a rising crime rate in the area, slowly getting worse.
The neighborhood is small and quiet, however the surrounding area has a rising crime rate.
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