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It is a small town that is about an hour from the downtown area. I have loved growing up in this area, where I am comfortable in those around me. Due to a low population, familiar faces are on every block.
There are no public schools, so kids have to go a town over. There's no civilization besides a few gas stations. Diversity is awful, everyone is straight and white and conservative.
Very nice place with access to most main roads, which can cause large amounts of traffic at times. There arent many places to go to but there is a very nice park at lake george that is popular during the summer and fall.
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There have been some stealing and beatings happening recently.
The area is very close-knit and people look out for each other. It's a small area and everyone knows everyone.
Overall, the area would be considered low crime and feels very safe.
It is a nice area in general but some improvements could be made in regard to the local school district. There seems to be an older population in the area that is growing. The positives of the area included the seclusion and larger amount of acres per property.
There aren't many businesses out here, but the few that are out here are pretty good.
The Cedar/St. Francis/Oak Grove area consists of small towns with not much to do besides go to County Market or McDonalds.
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