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I love Oak Forest and nothing will change that; not tax increases, petty crime or traffic. The forest preserve the rolling hills, shopping, dining, businesses, the beautiful homes and condos, St Damian Catholic Church, the police and fire department, night life, schools and daycares, and most of all, the warm, friendly people who call Oak Forest home, too. I'm proud to call Oak Forest my forever home and highly recommend this safe, family oriented bedroom community to everyone!
Great environment for kids and great school systems. Would highly recommend living here! Went to Oak Forest High School and loved it
I love the access to the forest preserves. Quiet and very close community. Every Fourth of July they have a huge fest with great fireworks. There are many other community events like the neighborhood picnic.
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A very diverse and welcoming community, small town feel with some interesting neighborhoods. Great transportation choices, awesome schools. Several annual community events. Very inexpensive so a lot of bang for your buck.
Oak Forest is a good community. More diversity is starting to showin within it. Oak Fest is a very fun event during the summer. The schools are decent for academics but if you’re looking for athletic opportunities I would chose another school.
Affordable well-kept homes. Good shopping within 25 miles. Public transportation-bus and train. Forest preserve and golf course. Good library and park district.
Overall Oak Forest is amazing! Not a far commute from the downtown Chicago area, or any activities within the area. It has a fair amount of activities keeping locals involved, and I'm proud to call this city my home.
Oak Forest is a very nice town with a small town sort of feel, you are about a 15 minute drive to downtown Orland which is home to the mall and other shops and restaurants. Oak Forest also has a good school program which I had personally went through my entire childhood.
This is an overall peaceful and quiet town. There are rarely any reported bad incidents, and most of your neighbors and strangers are friendly.
Oak forest is located close to several expressways and train lines, so transportation is easy. Rent is fairly high, housing ranges anywhere from trailers to very nice houses. Not much to do around here but many stores are conveniently located.
The community is a very nice place. The people are very friendly. The schools have provided very good education and teachers are very nice and willing to help you. The area is family friendly and a great place for families.
It is a very nice place for kids to grow up and then have families of their own. The schools are great, the hangout spots are safe and fun. Oak forest is a really good place to live.
Oak Forest is a great neighborhood for raising a family. I have attended Oak Forest's public schools since Kindergarten and at every level I received a good education. Additionally, for the past two summers I was employed through the Oak Forest Park District, which was a great job that taught me a lot of life lessons. Not only is it a safe neighborhood but it also goes above and beyond to create a wholesome and loving community.
I've lived in Oak Forest for 3 years now. It is an excellent community, and family friendly. There are several local parks in the area and a loop trail for those that like to exercise. Very convenient drive to local businesses and close to major busy streets in the area with a variety of food stops, gas and more. A favorite stop of mine is Oliver's bar and Grill on 159th just past Ridgeland Avenue. They have great food and drinks and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend anyone looking to live in Oak Forest to stop by Bremen township for information on various events and activities to get involved in!
I have practically lived my whole life in oak forest. Just wish it wasn't part of Cook County. It can be expensive to live anywhere in cook county. Oak forest does have some crime but is not a high crime area just a few of the surrounding towns can be bad heading closer towards the city. They have very good schools and there's a wonderful bike path and golf course that I have used through the years. The bike paths are taken care of by Cook County and some of the longest bike paths in the nation! If I had a choice where I could have grown up I wouldn't of chose oak forest and now I just want to be out of cook county.
I love the neighborhood I live in, it is very safe and family orientated. I loved growing up in this town!
I have lived my whole life in Oak Forest. It is a good town to raise a family but it can some times get boring
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Oak Forest is a very good town to live in. It has good schools and is very safe to live in. Although it is expensive to buy a house in the area it is still a great place to live in.
I love it here. Just wish it wasn't part of Cook County. It can be a little pricey, but the neighborhoods are safe and there are numerous parks and trails. Also, it is about a 25 minute commute to Saint Xavier University.
Oak Forest is a suburb where I have lived for 23 years. They have very good schools and there's a wonderful bike path and golf course (Yankee Woods) that I have used through the years. The bike paths are taken care of by Cook County and some of the longest bike paths in the nation!
Oak Forest has some crime but is not a high crime area. The local government is very good, and they are very affordable condos like the one at 15740 Terrace Drive. If you need a nice, affordable place Oak Forest is your town!
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