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Could use more hiking and mountain biking trails, night life and yoga and cycling studios

Could get a handle on the south Milwaukee people coming in and ruining property
Oak Creek is a good place to live. It's a very simple town, but it is growing very quickly with the new construction in Drexel Town Square. A ton of new businesses are coming in and with that there are much more jobs and things to do.
Whether you're at the game repping the Knights, checking out Wisco's only Ikea, chilling at your neighborhood park, eating at Drexel town square, or taking a sip of the world's best tasting water, it's always a good time in The Creek. I'm two miles away from the city in Milwaukee and four miles away from the farmlands of Caledonia, and Oak Creek is a great mix of both of those places with buildings and houses filling up every street, and nice green parks in your backyard.
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It's a quiet and safe neighborhood. I never once felt like I was in danger. My neighbors are quick to help if needed. There is a lot of restaurants and grocery stores close by, even in walking distance. Great neighborhood for raising a family, a lot of parks and kid activities close by.
Rapidly changing, the city is growing bigger everyday. Used to take only a few minutes to drive places, however with all the new businesses takes longer. There's always construction!!! I think Oak Creek has a wide variety of restaurants, actives, and shopping. Very family oriented. Close to Downtown.
Oak Creek is a growing city. It has very convenient shopping, a beautiful library, and a lovely town square. The community is a safe and family friendly environment. There are many beautiful parks and access to the lake front. With it's location in southern Milwaukee county, it provides an easy commute to businesses in downtown Milwaukee.
It’s a great location and highly diverse. The newer Drexel Town Square development has brought a lot of positive changes for OC.
oak creek is an okay little town, if you feel trapped by smaller non inclusive place of living this isnt for you
Oak Creek has undergone a lot of development in the last few years. You can shop, enjoy restaurants and experience a great sense of community here.
Oak Creek is a great and safe area to live in! It is becoming really popular with the addition of Drexel Town Square.
Oak Creek is a wonderful place with amazing people. The school systems are great and the students there are very well rounded people. Oak Creek is growing every year and I hope it tends to keep going. One thing I would love to see improve in Oak Creek is more activities to do in the area otherwise it is a great place and I love it.
Very nice city with little crime. I would love to moved here one day. Close to city of milwaukee, but far enough away to not have to put up with the population of the largest city in Wisconsin.
This city has been under a lot of new developments. The Drexel town square is a great addition to our city, and everything around it helps Oak Creek citizens reduce their commute to grocery stores, entertainment, restaurants and more.
I love the community. Everyone is like one big family around here. It's peaceful, and also gives off a city vibe. Perfect family-friendly town.
I love the small town feel. There is tons to do and the town square is a huge plus! There are many different activities and programs for children whether it be little league or just events at the library.
Oak Creek is a growing suburb in the Milwaukee Area. They are developing new and improved areas and business are investing in this area. Highly diverse and this is a safe place for your children compared to the surround areas.
The area is growing quickly and gaining many new businesses. Although, we need more activities in the area such as shopping, not more restaurants.
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The atmosphere at Oak Creek is riveting in the sense of high school athletics. The town is constantly growing, and this summer it felt as if buildings popped up over night bringing us a new store or restaurant on its way up.
I've been living in Oak Creek since I was seven years old. Our neighborhood used to be much more active together and now it's rare to see a neighbor wave.
great school district clean and safe would reccomdned someone else living there great place to live!!!
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