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Good achool for kids. People can be secluded but very friendly. There is an attitude that you must work hard and have a good attitude.
Oakbrook is not the safest city in Chicago for sure, but there is not much to worry about especially during the day. There are many nice places to choose from to live and most of the people are very friendly and welcoming.
Crime has never been a problem.
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The area in which I live is amazing. It has a great educational system, everyone knows and cares for everyone. It is clean and safe.
The neighborhood is generally very safe, but sometimes at night when I'm walking my dog I get nervous because of the lack of street lights.
The school district is great with great academics, resources, athletics, etc. The area is aesthetically pleasing, but not all of the people are really nice or interested in meeting their neighbors. It's still a lovely place to live.
There is little to no crime in the neighborhood. Police are very visible and take care of the town.
This is a lovely, suburban area that has a lot of shopping, food, and activities.
Never had any problems, worst that happens is some people burglarize the older people that live in the community.
Great when you have a tight group of friends nearby, bad when you have friends that live in more social areas like clarendon hills or hinsdale.
Oak Brook is the best of all worlds. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of open space, excellent sports facilities, world-class shopping, incredible range of employment opportunities. Close to major trauma hospital and excellent medical care. Superior public safety departments. NO real estate tax assessed for village operations - so we have an exceedingly low property tax bill. What are reported as high 'crime' numbers are from things like people passing bad checks, credit card fraud, etc at our huge shopping area. It does not impact the residents of the village.
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