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It's my favorite place in the world. So close, but a perfect distance from, New York City. It's very diverse and accepting. Great for families!
Nyack is my hometown! It has been the best place to live in, because everyone is so accepting of one another. The schools have amazing programs! There's a huge variety of restaurants. Memorial Park is my favorite park to go to in Nyack.
Very quiet place at night friendly people. Great place to get a home, close to the City and activities. It’s a great place to get a house, if you love nature it’s perfect for you.
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Great town with lots of restaurants, shops and activities for families and singles. Has a Brooklyn-type vibe, and is very diverse. Schools are great.
Nyack is a nice small town. I love that I can walk into town when ever I need to.There are lots of Restaurants and stores to shop it.
Nyack is a wonderful village on the banks of the Hudson River, just 30 minutes north of NYC. Nyack offers a wide variety of restaurants and cultural activities.
When I first moved to Nyack for college, I totally fell in love with the area. The mountains, the fragrance of nature and the hudson river flowing beautifully had me in awe of this place I now call home. The community seem to be very supportive of each other and a lot goes on in downtown such as; charity events, festivals and running marathons. Everyone seem so nice and I can see the glow of happiness just shining off their face and that makes me feel warm inside. I personally would not change anything of Nyack because it feels like home to me and everything about this small town is perfect.
Nyack is a very peaceful town. Crime rates are slim to none in this town, as well. Nyack is very diverse; it is also a great place for tourists and attraction. Nyack has a great hospital (Nyack Hospital), with great patient care. The main street and broadway in this town, are great spaces for people interaction and great areas for sight seeing. Furthermore, Nyack park overlooks the Hudson river and provides open space for family and friends to unite.
On the other hand, parking is very limited for visitors. Nyack could certainly improve the amount of locations of supermarkets for residential and visitors' convenience. Job opportunities could also certainly be improved for the people.
I love living there. It was a cute little town with a large number of restaurants, parks and various other activities. It was small but completely diverse and a great place to raise children.
Downtown Nyack is nice and very local. Clean town friendly people all buses in Rockland go to Nyack so getting there is never an issue. Restaurants in Nyack are very good on Broadway and main st. I recommend bringing cash if you plan on visiting downtown Nyack.
Nyack has a beautiful view of the Hudson River. It's like being in the country yet you're real close to NYC.
Nyack is a for the most part a friendly neighborhood with many choices as to what to do in a day. There are many restaurants, parks, churches, and stores to look around. It is a safe spot during the night, you can expect to come back safe after a night at one of the bars. It is diverse and has some job opportunities. It is just an hour away from NYC and you can easily catch the bus. Schools are also a pleasant experience with diversity and good academic programs. Overall, it is a pleasant neighborhood to visit and spend time in.
ip and historic, there is nothing in Rockland County — or the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley, really — like this 1.6-square-mile village of 6,800.

For many, Nyack hits the sweet spot between small-town livability and metropolitan hustle and bustle. It's a bunch of little ideas that add up to something big — a Main Street miscellany of old-school stalwarts and an arriving cast of young parents and professionals with a millennial attachment to walkable neighborhoods and urban amenities like an independent book and record store, craft beer and a hot-dog joint. Plus, the schools are top notch.
I want more high paying jobs in the area. I also want to see more parks and other recreational places so that people can enjoy themselves
In all honesty, the crime in my community is almost non-existent, but it is a topic of conversation. I do feel very safe around here, as well as all my friends and family, but every now and then someone suspicious walks down the street, or someone is approached by a known "criminal." There is a police substation here, but it is outside of the main central hub of the community, and is not always in use. The police do sit on the corner in the center of town as the sun sets and through midnight most of the time, but not all the time. I generally have no concerns.
This is a great area to be raised. There is a lot of wonderful things to do and there is a lot to help you understand the world in general. The populace is very close-knit, so there is a sense of one-on-one help and a sense of family among the entire community. Generally it's a very self-sustainable community, with a diverse community of shopkeepers, shoppers, entertainers, and more. Downtown has an urban feel, with taller buildings with shops on the bottom, street level, and apartments on top. There are a lot of family owned businesses, making the community unique and different. I've rarely found communities like this in my adventures around with my friends, communities with a unique, drawn-in atmosphere.
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I have loved growing up in Nyack and living here. There is so much to do and see throughout the town and in the surrounding areas. Being right up against the Hudson River leads to many activities such as kayaking and sailing and having hook mountain down the street is amazing for a beautiful hike and site seeing. The town is always filled with people and there is never a shortage of restaurants to choose from.
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