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There's a little bit of everything in this small town. A great big park in the middle of town where you can go for a bike ride or walk your pet. People are friendly and courteous.
Very safe environment. Diversity is definitely growing as well. Because the town is small, nothing is too far from each other so it is very convenient. There are a lot of small places and parks to hang which is really nice as well.
Great town overall. Kept very clean and never too busy or overly populated. Friendly kind people no matter where you are in nutley. Extremely large park which is beautiful day or night and for any occasion.
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I've lived in Nutley for 17 years. This town is a hidden gem! It is very walkable, and you can practically walk anywhere through a park. The downtown area offers many different dining and shopping options. The essence of the town is very quaint with graceful old homes, yet urban and modern. There are a plethora of amenities within a 10-20 minute drive. Nutley never feels like it is very far from anything. Off-hours, you can get into the Lincoln Tunnel within 11 minutes. The taxes are on the high end, but very comparable to other nearby towns in New Jersey. But keep in mind, the town's services are very good, including impeccable maintenance of the parks and a highly responsive police and emergency system. It is a safe and quiet town with a lot to offer.
Nutley is a great township to live in. The people are very kind and friendly mannered. The air quality is great, there is no pollution sources nearby. The public schools and private schools are affordable and provide a good education. Nutley is also very diverse. Overall, I would recommend living in Nutley Township.
Nutley is a wonderful town to raise kids in. Though the housing prices are high, I consider myself and my family lucky to be living here. The schools are excellent and they truly care about the students. There is no shortage of restaurants and parks, and there is always something to do. The fairs and carnivals during the summer months are great and fun.
I like how it is a safe environment and that it is a very close knit community. Everyone knows each other and helps each other out when it's needed. The people here are known to be very kind and generous causing them to be trusted on. We need more businesses in order to create more job opportunities.
Nutley is a fantastic town to live in. It has beautiful parks, amazing schools, and it's a perfect place to raise a family.
I love Nutley. It's a really nice town. It has a lot of shops to. But it has really expensive house's.
Nutley is a tight nit community which has many members who have lived here most of their lives. Being just a train ride away from New York City, Nutley is also a hub for many city dwellers seeking a suburban retreat. Nutley is also a member of what natives call the pizza triangle of Nutley, Bloomfield and Bellville because of the vast opportunities for good pizza in the areas.
Moving here was a great experience. There are a lot of very close buisiness and work is always easily available. There are good restaurants and the community is very safe and clean.
Nutley Township is like my second home! I'm almost here every weekend and I have nothing but positive things to say about this town.
Amazing town. No night life. It's a great town that I grew up in and I enjoyed it very much. They are making a lot a changes. It's a great opportunity if you commute to another town or are planning on living while in college.
I moved to Nutley when I was 7 years old and I am now 17. Growing up in Nutley i've made friends that I know I will never part from and the bonds we have built together are irreplaceable. Nutley is a great town where everyone knows everyone and I truly mean that. There is no other place I'd rather be right now and I'm grateful for the opportunities Nutley has provided me with other the years whether it be pertaining to school, sports, or friendships, because of Nutley I have it all.
Great places to raise a family near local eateries and highways. Lots of parks great recreational activities. Sense of community with local street fairs.
Nutley Township is one of the most safety's city of New Jersey. There are many beautiful houses, places of business, etc. In addition, Nutley Township is always clean and everything is close, as well as accessible.
I have lived in Nutley for about 2 years. It is a safe, friendly neighborhood with a ton of parks to stay active and hangout. The town also offers a lot of community activities.
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I have lived in Nutley my whole life and cannot wait to move back. It is a small family oriented town that is safe and a great overall community!
Nutley, New Jersey is located conveniently 10 miles away from mid-town Manhattan but possesses the quaint quality of being a quiet suburban enclave. Between homes and rentals Nutley has diversified its real-estate, though the town itself caters to predominantly single family home clientele. A good bulk of the the town's real-estate is divided among rental homes, apartments, two family homes, and condos. Homeownership ranges from anywhere between 300k to 800k, rentals from $1200 to $4000. With a short 20 to 30 commute for most people work is elsewhere. Nutley prides itself on an excellent park system and exceptional school system much more superior then the neighboring towns. Not only is the town supremely safe but it also possesses the distinct quality of bringing previous residents back in. There is an unspoken charm to the municipality.
living in a little town of new jersey called Nutley is quite an experience. Many famous people have actually lived here, one of them named Martha Stewarts. The town is not known for crimes, as it is safer than 70% of the U.S cities out of 100%. Your chances of being a victim in Nutley? 1/1065. The town is a family friendly place where neighbors acknowledge each other buying gifts every new year, saying hello and good byes.
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