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The people here do not want to make friends from anywhere else other than their hometown for some reason. A LOT of people peaked in high school and then never leave this town for the rest of their lives and keep the same friends they had from that time period. [ i can't even imagine!] Several have a negative attitude and are rude and critical. It makes others feel uncomfortable. I know you can run into rude people wherever you go, but Nutley feels very cliquey for some reason and you will know if you don't fit in or not there.

With that being said, Nutley is still my hometown and I do cherish my good memories made there in my childhood and not everyone is like the people I described above.
Nutley is a nice town with many nice people. You might run into someone who might be rude but thats everywhere but overall its a nice place to live
Nutley is a great small town that is family friendly with many festivities and a great downtown. The high school is a great school with many different classes.
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Nutley is such a small town, but we have so many great attributes. Not only do we have fun family traditions, but we have a great Parks and Recreation that has so many programs for kids interested in different activities, such as art, theatre, sports, and much more.
A unique little town with a large volunteer citizenship. Involvement in much of the community events that make it the town it is. Not the most diverse but definitely not a dessert of culture either. Great restaurants. Great schools. Excellent services. Super Fire Dept and Police. Local politics can get interesting. Taxes are high. Homes are well kept. More rentals are coming up. Changes coming to the town.
Nutley is a town full of exceptional people, who have built a phenomenon foundation for our youth. We have built long and lasting friendships in this town and have built a safe world for our children. The schools in Nutley are that of a great and safe environment for our youth. They have plenty of learning space and one on one time with teachers who care about theor futures. With plenty of after school programs and activities our children stay off the streets and learn social skills among their peers. Our town is full of diversity and family friendly amazing restaurants, along with ample real estate opportunities.
I have been a resident of the township of Nutley my whole life. I would like to see a train line put in the town since New York City is so close. I believe it would benefit the town as well as property values.
Nutley township is small family oriented community. The town is clean and filled with beautiful parks.
I don't like this town. At first I thought it was cute with the small town feeling, but the people here are very closed minded and it's a weird vibe. People that were born here live there their whole lives. They're very stuck in their way of thinking. Most people are very cranky as well as in your face nonstop (this is the old school italian upbringing that most people in this town have). I find it to be overbearing and obnoxious. They don't understand or respect people's personal space. A lot of people are alcohol or drug addicted. Overall, a down and out community.
Have nothing bad to say about my town. Lived here for ten years and continue to love it by the day. Amazing restaurants and convenient proximity to NYC!
Nutley is a great little town with a continuous park that goes right through the center. It has a great, well rounded school system and their parks and recreation offers an extra curricular activity for everyone. Nutley shop rite grocery store has a great selection of different food products at great prices and if you’re looking for a night out the different restaurants are all exquisite. Nutley is that small town close to NYC that everyone wants to start their family in.
Great place to grow up, seems times are changing. Becoming more and more crowded each day. Location can't be beat, if life in the fast lane is your pace. Those seeking solitude or privacy should look elsewhere. Taxes are expensive.
This town is very small and has a great community however they are not diverse at all. The diversity is slowly rising but still has a ways to go. Also the price to live in this residential area are extremely high as well as taxes.
My grandparents and parents both grew up in Nutley, and I've been a resident my whole life ... grammar school through high school. Now I go to college in another town. However, I love so much about Nutley ... great food, good friends, a lot of fun things to do. It truly is a family friendly place to live and grow up.
I liked that it was always safe growing up. There was no bad side of Nutley it was just Nutley. The town was mostly comprised of business owners and those who worked there. It was a slightly affluent town and kept out the riff raff from the not so nice towns around it. The school could have given the smarter students more opportunities besides being an athlete or a cheerleader though.
Nutley Is A Great Area To Live & Raise A Family! Close to NYC, With A Great Familt Feel, Good Park System and Schools as well.
Nutley NJ is a beautiful town, lived here for about 3 years now, many nice parks(well maintained)Schools are very good. friendly people, Franklin Avenue is nice downtown area with many amenities , places to eat, etc. my only bone to pick is maybe we don’t need so many nail and hair salons, and empty store fronts. A Whole Foods and some boutiques would be nice to mix the old charm and Nostalgia of Nutley with some trendiness
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Nutley, NJ is a fantastic place to live. Lush and well taken care of parks make the town beautiful. Close proximity to NYC, conveniently located off the GSP, Turnpike, Rt. 3, Rt. 80, Rt. 21, etc! Beautiful homes and great schools and restaurants.
Nutley is an amazing town with a lot to offer! Known for it’s great schools, charming homes, and downtown filled with wonderful restaurants and shops! Nutley residents are proud to call the town their own!
The town itself is a very peaceful, safe, and quiet town. This isn't the place if you're looking for a party but instead, if you're settling down to start a family or with a family is great. Very close is Route 3 which is a quick and easy way to get to Manhattan in about 20-30 minutes. The town is nice and clean and even though taxes may be a little high, in the end, is a great town to live in.
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