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I have been living in Nunda Township for the last five years. I enjoy the open space environment. The people here are friendly and respectful of your privacy. If you enjoy a slower pace of life than Nunda for you , if you enjoy city living Nunda may not be your top choice to move to.
The housing area where I reside needs improvement. We are split between an old neighborhood and a new neighborhood so that is a contributing factor to my rating. In the old neighborhood, there are many houses that are in very poor condition, do not have garages, and have unkempt yards. A lot of the homes need their roofs replaced and have very old siding. I think since these are lower income residents, they simply do not have the means to fix these issues. However, there is great diversity depending on which way you walk. Some roads have a mixture of both small run-down houses and then set in between would be very nice, very well kept homes. There are a few vacant lots and people seem to be losing their homes more often. The water is a very poor part of our neighborhood. We run on a well and this well is badly maintained by the owner. There are many times that we do not have water for a day at a time and even when water is available we do not drink it. It is very rust filled and rich with iron. Overall, the neighborhood is diverse and I think there is a little good and a little bad.
The nature/outdoor life is spectacular. We are located right near a fabulous and famous state park: Moraine Hills.

It is just 5 miles from my neighborhood and I bring my dog there every weekend. Many, many locals either visit this park regularly, or have been there before. The trails are cleared and clean and there are specific trails designated for walkers and bicyclists. In the winter, some folks cross-country ski in the park and others walk with trekking poles. It is a fabulous site with an abundance of wildlife and a very silent, comforting atmosphere. In the fall, it is the best to jog or walk the trails and discover the many species of trees and plants.

Within the neighborhood, people are usually active. There are a lot of runners and bicyclists. There is 1 park that I know of in the neighborhood that has a large field and a small play ground for children. If you head down the hill near the rivers, most people have their boats on the water. Overall, the nature and the outdoor activities are quite wonderful.
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Over the years, my sense of safety has gone down a little bit. There seems to be different crime than before. When I walk around my neighborhood, I bring mace with me to feel better protected. Though, I have never had to use it. The police are prevalent but since we are somewhat unincorporated, the county police that patrol the area aren't the same ones that get dispatched in an emergency. They definitely are visible and I don't think I go a day without seeing a little less than a dozen.

DUI's seem to be quite popular and since there are quite a few bars in the area and the surrounding areas, that is where people go. Car robberies were another hot topic, especially in the summers. It is usually teenage neigh kids but over the years my family alone has caught 2 suspects in the act in our family vehicles. The criminal activity that concerns me the most would be the growing popularity of heroin. I personally have not experienced it but have heard news stories of kids from my high school selling/buying/and even dying from it. That never used to be an issue by me and now seems to be quite frequent.
I think the weather in this area is rather nice.

Spring tends to start a little later than usual but is absolutely beautiful. The flowers spring up and the grass turns a true green. A jacket would be required on most spring days but we do get lucky and have some 60 degree spurts. Summer has been mild the last couple years and tends to range from mild to HOT. I enjoy when it is hot and some temperatures get up to the 90's and stay there! This is when you can put on a bathing suit most days and get the best tan and can really enjoy the pool or the rivers near us. Fall is beautiful. Fall is colorful and different than anywhere I have traveled too. We have so many different species of trees that it makes for a scenic season. The October sunsets are also truly incredible. It is a bit cooler in the fall and there are times when we get snow early but overall, it is a very festive season in this area. Winter has been quite erratic but the residents are pretty used to it. Snow fall is guaranteed and some days we gets 2 inches and other times we have gotten 22"!!!

It is very cold at times. Last year we hit a record of 48 degrees below! Instead of complaining, people stock up on items the days before and build fires and get warm gear to wear. A warm winter coat, hat, and gloves are essential in the winter time and a lot of folks like to stock up on hand and feet warmers that last 8 hours. I like that even the cold doesn't stop the active lifestyle. Snowmobiles run on trails and across the rivers and people gather inside local bars to warm up. The frequency of natural disasters has been limited. I have lived in this area for 26 years and the one natural disaster I have experienced the most is sever thunderstorms. That happens a lot in the Spring/Summer seasons but I've almost come to enjoy them. A few trees have been casualties of the storms and some houses, but no one has ever been struck by lightning or severly injured.
If you have a taste for a good burger, there are a few popular bars. Sideouts, Broken Oar, and Middleton's. These are older bars that have been remodeled and their menus are quite tasty. The Broken Oar is very exciting because they have a 2lb crab leg special on Saturday's and they also always have good entertainment. From country music bands to rock n' roll or even heavy metal. It is nice because I can actually hear the bands from my house so in the summertime we have a free show. In the winter, they also host things like "The Polar Plunge" and snow mobile races. This is by far my favorite place in the area. I wish there was a little bit more variety of places like this because it is not always fun to drive far for a quick bite.
The overall job outlook is not the greatest.

I personally drive 40 miles to and from work each day because there are few opportunities near me.

One of the top employers would probably be BP Gas Station or the Village of Island Lake.

Most people work for the village or the schools in the area.
The local businesses in this area are not very abundant. The local grocery store is old and has just recently been updated. There is not much variety for grocery shopping. You would have to drive to a different city to find the nearest Jewel. We have plenty of gas stations, about 4 within 5 miles. Walgreens is available but besides that there is not another pharmacy.

Our night life is mostly in the town of Wauconda but the closest bar, Sideouts, is just a ride down the street.

They offer bowling, good food, and sand volleyball in the summer.
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