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Awesome friendly caring town with great schools,doctors, and people.They have been helpful since we moved here , since I am a single mother of three girls. The town has very historic buildings and one of the best haunted houses in the united States.This was a great decision to move my family here and start our life.I would recomened coming just to visit and check out how close,friendly,caring and beautiful the town of Nowata is if you have never been here.
I've spent my entire life in small town Nowata. It's a fairly small town and everyone knows everyone. There are always new small town businesses popping up and giving some variety to the town options. I'm a high school senior and since the teachers know your parents, motivation to learn becomes easier because you know if you get a B on an assignment, the teacher will simply text your parents and that never goes well. Nowata is definitely a sports town. During football season you will see the entire town at the football games and the same goes with basketball. There are also tennis, baseball, softball, golf, and track. There are quite a few churches in the town and there is always something community service wise going on whether it is canned food drives or re painting old buildings. I am very happy to have grown up in Nowata for I am who I am because of this town.
The police in this area are great people but they will find reasons to pull you over, like a fog like being out, for instance. they are everywhere and will search your car for no reason, they lie and say the dog has a hit on the car but the dog is playful and bouncing around and trying to get the police officer to play with it so i think the police need more training.
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this area is small and grassy, very boring and there's nothing to do. There's no shopping centers and no hang out places.
The police are around and available if needed. Along with other small towns, Nowata has its fair share of low income areas and young punks. Crimes are usually drug or alcohol related and very rarely is there a dangerous confrontation or anything of that nature.
I live in the rural part of Nowata County so it's pretty quiet. Of the three high schools in the county, they all have potential and are growing in size every year. There isn't a large amount of jobs in the county so a lot of folks travel to neighboring areas for work.
My overall experience is okay. It is a very small town that seems to be getting smaller.
Most of the people work at gas stations and fast food
Homeland, Dollar Store, Family Dollar
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