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Nice houses and good schools. However, most people only care about their property values, and so many of the kids are very spoiled.
I hate Michigan winters because the conditions on the roads are bad and only make potholes worse. I love the moderate summers though . It is necessary to have a diverse wardrobe.
There is an average amount of diversity in Northville.
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I feel very safe in Northville. There are not that many break-ins. Only a few small crimes.
Northville has very nice houses. In the downtown area, the houses are from the Victorian era, and in the township, there are generally larger houses that all look similar. I can't complain however.
There is not really public transportation, however traffic is generally not too bad. Potholes are a mess however because of this crazy Michigan winter and there is too much summer construction!
There is a great variety of restaurants in my community. There are several local places that offer Mediterranean food, Indian food, Vietnamese food, seafood, you name it.
Northville is a great place to grow up in. There is access to jobs, entertainment, food, and shops. It also has one of the best public schools in the area with great teachers.
For students my age, the job market it quite limited. Your options really include working in retail, at a restaurant, or doing personal nannying. In order to get a job in this competitive town, you really need to have a connection.
Most people that I am surrounded by are healthy and fit. There are many gyms close to myself and I personally work out at Planet Fitness. There are several renowned hospitals less than 30 minutes from my house.
Northville is extremely community oriented. Most people have dogs and there are vibrant parades for every holiday.
Downtown Northville is really nice. There are just a few big companies, but for the most part there are cute little boutiques and local restaurants.
I am very blessed to live in Michigan where there is a great local parks system. I live right by Maybury Parks which has great hiking and biking trails.
There are local police and fire stations all around. I frequently see police officers and my neighborhood and town feel relatively safe for kids and families.
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