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This city has a great community and great opportunities for jobs. I grew up here and it helped me grow great connections.
Novi has been an amazing place to grow up. Although I attended Mercy High for high school, I went to Novi Public Schools K-8 and received an incredible elementary education. Crime is very low; I feel extremely safe at all hours of the day indoors and outdoors. I do, however, wish the overdevelopment of Novi would slow, as we are quickly seeing our remaining woodlands disappear into new neighborhood complexes. Traffic is growing worse, and the schools are growing overcrowded, I have been told by my three younger brothers who attend Novi Schools currently. Overall, I feel blessed to have grown up in such a wonderful, diverse community.
Novi is a great place to live. With lots of fun things to do in the area you are never bored, there is the 12 oaks mall, movie theaters, and more fun places to go. It is also a safe place for your family with amazing school systems that care about your children. there are many beautiful subdivisions in the area, and nice parks close by.
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I have been living here for 6 years so far. It's a nice small town, but recently it has started to expand. The houses are very clustered and they keep chopping down forests to build new homes. Additionally, with the more house being built, comes along more people and that clogs up our roads. Traffic is really bad sometimes. Also, the roads have a lot of pot holes in them and you kinda have to swerve to not hit them. Nonetheless, Novi is an awesome city.
Novi has everything close by and has lots to do in novi town itself. The schools in novi are also listed top 50 in michigan.
I enjoy how close Novi is to other major cities and also the different activities available to do in Novi. I do wish there were more parks or nature areas in Novi.
I love Novi! We have a clean town, I never see trash laying around. It’s safe and has a great school system! We also have lots of parks and walking trails. Not to mention Twelve Oaks Mall which brings a lot of revenue into the area.
I enjoy living here-the people are friendly, the town is clean, the community is active, and I always feel safe!
I have lived in Novi for coming on ten years now, after growing up in South Lyon. It is a higher-end community and has friendly faces almost anywhere you go. My one biggest complaint is the lack of a downtown, although some consider Fountain Walk as downtown.
Novi is a greT place to live and raise a family. It is community and diversity friendly and has an awesome school system.
There is so much to do in Novi! We have lot's of shopping, restaurants, activities and the people are very nice.
Great diverse city has everything including very large mall and many restaurants of every ethnicity. Novi also has a dairy farm. It has a small town feel. It s a melting pot of sorts. Easy access to and from major highways. Novi has an Expo Center and host the State of Michigan State Fair every year.
Nice, safe area. Mostly middle to upper class families. The schools are great and there is lots to do around the area.
Novi was a very posch, modern cutof 21st century suburbia. I made a lot of friends, spent years exploring the town, received a substantive education, and have no regrets growing up there. It doesn't have much history, but for me, that made it sleek.
While I might grow sick of this place as I become older and considering I have lived here all my life, I still love it. Whenever I do have the time to travel outside of Novi and drive through other towns I realize how privileged I am to live in Novi. In Novi we have plenty of places to shop, eat, socialize, etc. And the city of Novi does a good job of getting the community together and keeping everyone updated. In addition, just to sole location of Novi is best in many cases. We are virtually close to big cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and we can drive to other places easily such as Canada or up north.
Novi is a great place to live, it is safe, affordable and the schools are great! My husband and I enjoy playing tennis and going for walks on the local trails with our dog. After living in Chicago for five years, we were ready for a change and we are very happy that we chose Novi.
The neighborhoods are really nice. The area is overall safe, friendly, beautiful, but there is no downtown area. There is a mall, and lots of shopping center which could be considered the main hub, or downtown are of Novi, but really it's mostly suburbs. It's a great place to live.
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Novi is a diverse and friendly town that is very safe. There are good shopping areas and the schools are good. But Novi does lack a good downtown area.
I don't care for the location because it's far from the places I like to go like Dearborn and Detroit. I don't like the traffic. The city is clean and safe.
Great public school system. Nice neighborhoods. Some of the communities even have public pools. Diverse community, rich in many cultures. Close to lots of shopping whether it's a mall or something smaller it's all here. Parks and rec does a good job with lots of events for families and kids. Small lake accessible to all residents. Great place to live!
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