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Growing up in the county makes it very hard to visit the city.
It's a small town surrounded by fields and forests, a 45 minute drive can take you to water where boating, swimming and water skiing can be done.
There is no visible crime in the area, we hear about infrequent break-ins but all in all it is a safe place. We will sometimes see police drive by the house,
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There is a saying in Michigan that if you don't like the weather to wait 5 minutes and it will change. In the summer time it is common for a sever thunder storm to come from nowhere and a tornado to appear on the very hot summer days. To be prepared to tornados we have a crawl space under the house and go there in the event of a tornado or severe storm which we can have early warning because we have a weather radio.

The winter time requires heavy winter coats, hats, gloves and heavy boots to withstand the cold.
there really aren't a lot of things to do at night here.
lower paying jobs are in this area, with factory work being the most dominant.
Local businesses in the area support daily and weekly needs if the desire for a larger selection of clothing, furniture, shoes, or vehicles are desired it is about and hours drive.
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