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Novato is great. The school have pretty good teachers. Has many great food places to go out to eat on grant ave.
Most people in Novato are great people and welcoming to others. Not much traveling is needed in Novato because how close by everything is to each other.
Novato is an amazing place to grow up. It is a quiet town, with a desirable pace for raising a family. With San Francisco a short drive away, Novato has access to the night life that it lacks.
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We moved here for the safety and the good school systems, However, my friends who have kids have to send them to private schools due to behavioral issues in the public schools. The safety has been steadily declining, with purse snatchers, car theifs, party littering, and homelessness becoming more and more prevelant. Marin, in general, is very stuck up, people have more money than they know what to do with and expect that everything they want happens immediately (if you are not this way it is hard in a lot of social situations). And most importantly THE TRAFFIC!!!! (yes even in town, there is no busing to schools) expect to add 30-45 minutes onto your drive time during any time of day that other people are driving. However, We are close to tons of activities and I always have something to do. The outdoor activities are amazing, and yes it is beautiful.
Quiet, clean, safe, and friendly. There aren't many options when we want to go out to dinner or go watch a sports game somewhere but we love the town anyway!
Novato is a great place for individuals and families to live. The community is friendly and is always willing to help those that need it. There are events every month for everyone to go to. The great thing about Novato is it's close to almost anything like the beach, mountains, city, or airport.
I love Novato and would live here all of my life if I could. It is in Marin county and although it is the least expensive in Marin in housing costs it is still Marin and is still expensive. A home here across the street from me is on the market for 800,000. This is a tiny two bedroom,with a small kitchen and one common living space. Definitely under 1000 sq feet. But the climate is nice, the schools are good, I feel safe here, and I work close by. I have seen other towns and like Novato best.
Nice and spread out town, much easier and quicker to get to the city than many give it credit for. Cost of living much more affordable.
Novato is a charming city. It is in Marin County so it has accessibility to both San Francisco and Sonoma. Mostly a residential area there isn't a lot to do and most activities/place need some sort of non-foot transportation since the city is somewhat spread out. Generally the housing is nice although it can be a bit expensive. Weather in Novato on average seems to be warmer than let's say SF. If I were to describe the area in one word it would be suburbia; you are sure to find many families here. Although nightlife/entertainment venues aren't the most satisfying there are plenty of outdoor activities to do. There are multiple nice areas in which one could take a walk. My favorite trails are the ones near the COM campus (Indian Valley). If you are looking for a family place that has access to multiple areas this is it.
Novato is a very safe place to raise kids. The Novato community is very well connected, and the city holds town-wide events all the time. Both high schools in Novato are fun and the teachers and administrators really care about their students. My favorite part of Novato is the weekly farmers market in the summer. Local businesses set up shop in the downtown area, and the whole community comes together to have fun and support our local businesses.
Novato is a great town for families, although there are not many activities for kids and teenagers, there are places close by in other towns for them. It's very safe, the schools are good and it's a quaint little city.
This city if 55,000 is a 20min drive (without traffic) to San Francisco. It boasts endless hiking options and is 1 hour to wine country.
Proximity to SF means a highly education population with good schools.
The city is overall an active community with some great small town pieces like a 4th of July parade, community movie nights in the park and lots of friendly neighbors.
We have a few larger stores—Costco, Target and Nordstrom Rack and great local businesses like Dr. Insomniac (coffee and baked goods), Cooperfields (books), 5 little monkeys (great kids toy store) and Sage (gifts).
I've lived in Marin my entire life, but I love Novato. Its so beautiful and there's always something fun to do!
I very much appreciate the small town feel of Novato. While there is not much to do, it is near to many amazing places. San Francisco is about a half an hours drive south and Tahoe is about four hours North. This makes it easy to travel and enjoy yourself.
I have lived in Novato since I was 7 years old. Novato is a very safe neighborhood. Lots of the locals tend know one another; however, it is a much larger senior community. There are not a lot of activities for teens or young adults to do. Novato has a lot of young or new mothers as well. Most of the town is quiet by 9 or 10 pm unless it is a Holiday weekend. During weeks of vacation when the kids are out of school, most everyone leaves town to more exciting ventures. Novato is definitely a good area to start a family or retire. The younger teenagers need something more so usually they depart to the closer cities like San Francisco or Santa Rosa that have much more active nightlife.
A sleepy town with pretty expensive housing. Nightlife is pretty horrible, but there's a few places to taste wine. The schools could use some help.
Novato is small and classy, with a bustling downtown area. Wonderful shopping, beautiful hikes, and very little traffic running through. Everything is within 15 minutes.
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I've lived in Novato my whole life and I love it. It's not far from San Francisco and the weather is great. There's not much to do here, but it's extremely safe and comfortable.
Quiet town, safe, lots to buy and eat to live, very little entertainment in town. Good schools at all levels, except high school.
It’s the only city I ever felt safe in while living in Marin most of my life.

As for affordability- I don’t recommend being a renter. If you can afford the mortgage, I would buy a home if I could.
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