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Novato is a very nice town. What I enjoy about Novato is that it is very close to many places that I love going to. Also, Novato has a college campus which makes my commute very easy. In addition, the university that I want to transfer to is not too far away. Moreover, Novato
I have lived in Novato for 14 years and would say it is a safe and nice town to grow up in. It is close to the city but still far enough and great weather.
From all the other places I have lived, I have liked living in Novato the most. It’s very calm and not as crowed or busy as other places.
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I currently enjoy living in Novato. However, the cost to live here is expensive, especially if the head of the household doesn't make much to begin with. My parents have lost their job to COVID-19 and we are currently struggling to find solutions to have a roof over our head and pay bills and my school tuition.
Calm, quiet, and a great place to have a childhood because there’s access to many resources and beautiful places.
Nestled in a suburb of San Francisco, Novato has great food, shopping, and tourism. Being that it's within a close distance to nearby towns like Petaluma and San Rafael, there is a lot of variety. The town is well maintained, and hosts a lot of locally owned businesses. Growing up in Novato was also a great experience. The local elementary, middle, and high schools are well staffed and produce smart and driven young adults. Novato is heavily police staffed and a safe area in general. The only thing I would change is finding more funding for the restoration of local roads, being that some are very dilapidated.
I have lived in Novato my entire life and am an Asian American 26 years old female. The demographics are predominantly Caucasian, but we are a very liberal and community-based city. Being on the extreme northern end of Marin County, I don’t think Novato has the stigma that follows the rest of the county as being materialistic and wealthy.

I attended high school in Novato and had a great education. I think our public schools are great for young children as many of my friends have kids and have great things to say about their schools’ curriculums. I think Novato is a great place to raise a family, although I don’t have any children of my own – but when I do, I hope to raise them too where I grew up.
Novato is a pretty sleepy town. It is very safe and clean, has some good places for lunch, and lots of outdoor space. However, there is really nothing exciting in Novato. There arem't very great places to go out at night, whether to eat or to do a fun activity. Still, it's a great place for families and has pretty good schools. The rolling hills and green surroundings of Novato is its defining quality. Most adults commute to San Francisco for their jobs, but there are tons of opportunities for teenagers to work in Noavto. There is definitely a focus on healthy living, sustainability, and clean eating. It is probably the most affordable town in Marin County, but Marin is known for its expensive housing.
I am 16 years old and have lived in Novato all my life. It is a nice quiet town. It is cute but average, I think Novato is the most affordable place in Marin County and we have good food here, some of the best and most affordable in Marin
I love the accessibility to many food, shopping and entertainment places. Also the schools are amazing and I have had no complaints or issues with them. The weather is always amazing here and everyone is so friendly. It's a great area for families and people with pets. The only con of Novato is that it's expensive. Overall, I love living in Novato.
It is a small town where everyone mostly knows each other. The community participates in community events frequently. Although, the culture could be better, as people can be racist and there have been several discriminative incidents.
A quiet town, nice to visit, could be a little more exciting, but overall a good place to live and raise a family
Novato is a very environmentally conscious community that has a lot of interesting history and beautiful nature to uncover and explore. The people here have a strong sense of town pride, and streets are lined with local business that make for unique experiences.

In addition to this, Novato is an optimal distance from San Francisco, Sonoma County, and many attractions such as Muir Woods, or Alcatraz.

The school system here is strong, and a lot of care and attention are placed in the growth of children as a whole.

The biggest concern I have with Novato is the affordability. With many houses going for well over one million on the market, it can be very hard to live with sustainability and comfort, even with a degree. This reflects the current state of California's housing more than it does the town itself though.

I would recommend a visit for anyone interested in good hiking, local business, and getting just far away enough from the big city.
Novato has been one of the safest place I've lived in. I went to a both a private and public school in the small town and I enjoyed it. I would appreciate having more places to hang out with friends and family and a more diverse food range.
Novato is a town filled with caring, devoted, and dedicated citizens. The community within Novato serves to watch out for each other and come together during times of need. There, unfortunately, has been instances of incomprehensible death of some youth in our community and yet we find a way to come together to celebrate life and to try and help the families affected the most to feel supported and cared for. Additionally, Novato has its own Facebook page which allows citizens to stay aware of any current events, news, or local joints that have popped up in Novato.
I grew up in Novato, and it has a great small charm feel. It can sometimes be boring, as there isn't a lot to do in terms of nightlife, but overall it's a wonderful place to call home.
I would like to see more activities for teenagers. Also, I would like Novato to find avenues to for families of all demographics to combine and have opportunity for relationship.
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I love Novato. I moved here when I was 8 years old and it's a quiet town that it is the perfect location. We're right next to san Francisco and Petaluma. It is a great place to raise kids and has great schools. Commute time is great, and this town has a very healthy life style. It is very diverse and has plenty of job opportunities. However, i would say nightlife here is poor and it is very difficult to live here because of affordability.
Its a very quiet town with little to no commotion. It has a variety of shops which make it easy to drive from place to place when needed.
Small yet big town,great for retired folk, a lot of diversity and so many great local spots,easy for getting to the city or other great places to see. Good schools and a safe place to grow up
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