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Its a small town there isnt many of those anymore. Some are good people some aren't. There is a lot of amish heritage here and there are a lot of farms.
There's absolutely nothing to do. The nearest movie theatre is a 20 minute drive for me. There are no music venues, dance clubs, etc. There's one bar, but it's pretty lacking when it comes to quality.
As long as you have a reliable vehicle, you'll be okay. There's absolutely no public transportation, aside from a small white bus that seems to be used by senior citizens only. If you don't have a car, you'll be walking or biking 5-10 miles to the nearest grocery store.
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Within the past few years, the winters have been brutally cold and frigid. The summers have been wet. The weather can be unpredictable, so I never leave the house without a sweatshirt or umbrella in my car.
There's a nice quality Amish store that provides a deli, salad bar, and a bakery. A new restaurant recently opened downtown. We have a McDonalds and a Subway located inside a gas station.
There are no available employment options that could would allow you to earn a comfortable wage. The people in this community suffer.
The town is pretty barren. Aside from a McDonald's, Dollar General, Shell, and a local Amish grocery store, that's all my town has to offer in terms of grocery superstores.
The public services are ok but the governments, local and federal, won't bother to help a small town in the lower part of Michigan.
The police do a good job of keeping the town safe. If you ever get an itch to break a law, think again. The police are everywhere.
The people there are nice but it is a small town and people gossip often. There are a couple festivals and we host the county fair but other than that, it's a really relaxed place. I'd move back in a heartbeat.
There are a couple parks in Centreville and they're well kept for the most part but not a lot of people go to them. I go often to the Covered Bridge Park since it has a beautiful view in the mornings and evenings. It's usually kept nice and the paths in the woods are usually kept nice.
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