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Nottawa Township Reviews

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Very small & safe rural community.
This is a very rural area, and while it is quiet and safe, it is also lacking in opportunities found larger communities. The schools are safe, but lack honors or AP courses. I think the future is more of the same: quiet, safe, rural farming community.
Pretty much every household has at least one vehicle making personal transportation very easy and sidewalks are along every street in the city making biking and walking easy.
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People tend to be raised here and to never leave. It is a very family friendly area.
The city is overall very safe and relatively no severe crime.
It is a college town making it popular during the school year and there is also a casino in the area bringing people of all ages from all over to play.
There are plenty of facilities to work out at and great areas and trails that are available.
If I want to do what I want at the level that I want to, I am going to have to move at least 30 minutes away. There are opportunities here but on a smaller scale.
The community is very supportive of each other and are always coming up with new ways to get others involved and to engage other communities.
It is a college town meaning that there are always things to do in town and there are plenty of lakes nearby for summer fun.
There is a lot of green space and yards are maintained and kept clean and so are the sides of the roads.
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