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You always feel like you are in a safe place.
This is one of the best small towns to live in.
This area used to be completely safe, but lately I have noticed more crimes. These crimes most include drug possession. Police are mostly seen giving out speeding tickets.
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Having lived in this area my whole life, I have seen a lot of changes come to the area. While newer businesses have brought in more people (which has brought a higher crime rate), the scenery is exquisite and the general atmosphere is still safe and relaxing.
The area is about 95% white, republican, Christian. For those of us who are mixed, liberal, and pagan, the area can be very difficult to live in.
The community is very pet friendly, but there is a minimal sense of community. I have a neighbor less than 200 feet from my front door that I have only ever waved at. I don't even know his name.
The area is amazingly clean and forested. Trees are everywhere and there are thick woods surrounding the town proper as well as most residential areas. The area is mountainous, full of rivers and dam created lakes, with no pollution to speak of.
There are plenty of jobs, if you want minimum wage. If you need more than that, you should move.
There are tons of local stores and restaurants. We have an amazing small business coalition in the area and they have regular meetings
While many houses built in the 70s have similar layouts, they were all made to look quite different. Plus 30-40 years of owners has made for much expansion. Most homes are 2-3 bedroom, 2 bath, with gardens. While I only know one home with a garage in the whole area, many have open car ports.
There is plenty of food! From the dozen chain restaurants to amazing local restaurants such as Doyle's, Monte Alban's, and Mama Mia's there is always somewhere great to eat.
I believe this area has lots of potential, but there is simply nothing to do. Even the movie theatre only changes out once a month, and it only shows one movie anyway.
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