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Norwood is pretty quiet. There are many events for the community. A community pool open to residents only that I wish was free. Close to everything grocery stores, schools, public transportation, gym, etc.
Norwood is an average sized town with a small town feel. People are friendly and it's a great place to raise a family.
Norwood is an overall safe and quiet place to live. It's a small town and it has that feel. People are nice. There are lots of local shops. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants, nail salons, and pizza places.
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Norwood is a nice quiet town where nothing really ever happens. The source of life in Norwood is at the town commons. The Norwood Sports Center is a bowling alley in the center of town and and Norwood theater is also in the center of town. SPoT is a popular hangout and is well known for its amazing bagels. It's pretty safe here meaning there isn't much crime. We are located close to Boston and we're right next to Dedham and Walpole so there's a lot you can do right out of town.
The town of Norwood os a sweet town with lovely people. It has a lot of nice places to eat and things to do. Norwood is very nice to walk around, and the center of town is beautiful with the town hall (which reminds me of a castle) and the gazebo in the town square. All of the elementary schools are wonderful, and the middle and high schools are great. I wouldn't change a thing about Norwood.
Norwood is family-oriented with a lot of support programs run by the town including recreational programs and a decent school system
The schools rank better than average on MCAS.
The community has strong ties. Many of the people living here have lived in the area their whole lives.
I think you get more value for your dollar here.
The only downside is that it is more densely populated and has more retail than some of the other towns. If you like being close to everything it is a good choice for you.
Norwood is amazing. It is one of those towns that feel like you belong right when you move in. Everything is within walking distance, the people are friendly and they want to make sure you feel welcome.
I moved to Norwood, Ma about five years ago. Norwood is a townie town. It also is a beautiful quiet town. The center of Norwood is nice especially in the winter time with all of the holiday lights around the trees. The town itself might not have a lot of attractions but it is surrounded by a lot of activities to do that are located in surrounding towns. These activities are not only for children but can also be for adults.
Nice small town, great local businesses, coffee shops and nail salons, flower shops, parks where people can enjoy weather. Good neighborhood and nearby towns
Norwood is a very community service oriented community. Multiple fundraisers are held to support those in need. There is fabulous renovated Norwood Theatre that has a great variety of entertainment throughout the year. There are lots of restaurants. The commuter rail has two stops in Norwood that go directly to Boston. Providence RI is only 35 minutes away.
There is a 258 community bed hospital in town.
What I would like to see improved is some of the ratings and outcomes for the elementary schools.
Norwood is changing from a primarily white, catholic town to a thriving, diverse town. The schools are ok but not great. Our local feature is the bagel shop called The Spot.
I have lived in this town for over three years now and find it very conveniently located. The city has it's own electrical services which help to save. The proximity to Legacy Place, which is a very nice area for shopping and entertainment activities. Also, Norwood is very safe and family oriented neighborhood. Nearby cities such as Westwood, Dover, Walpole, Needham have a good effect on the communities.
there isn't a lot of crimes that I've notice in my town
its a cute town with little boutiques and pizza shops
You rarely hear about any crimes or any home invasions.
Very good place to raise kids and a great place to grow up in.
I really have not heard of any crime in my immediate area. Every so often something happens, but its rarely serious.
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Compared from when I lived in Walpole, the next town over, the entire atmosphere is much more welcoming. It has a ton of small businesses in the gorgeous downtown, plenty of places to go for entertainment, food, basic needs, etc. It also has a pretty good small hospital, and two train stops leading into the Boston. There's really not much to complain about. Though I have not attended the high school, it is very new, and has excellent music and arts programs.
I don't think there is much crime in the area, but disturbances in the area are dealt with swiftly and quietly where they don't disrupt the public. I often see police patrolling in the square but not often in the neighborhoods or side streets.
I am a city girl so I am not a very popular fan of small town living. I do think it is a good place to raise children as my siblings have smaller classes and a backyard to play in. It is close to Boston so the city is not that far and many other central towns to the area are accessible. I think if a younger generation were to begin moving in it could potentially revamp Norwood to be a better town with more businesses and new homes.
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