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My car was it by another driver trying to park on the side of the road public parking in my neighborhood, called an officer told me just to paint it, I filled a claim with my insurance and found out 3 months later she didn’t even have car insurance now I’m stuck with a false accident report, and 1,300 dollars worth of damage to my first car at the time only owned it for 2 months. I would update and change their police force because when your a innocent citizen trying to follow protocol for property damage on the vehicle, and the officer wasn’t handling he’s job right and basically told me well good luck with ur claim if just paint it when he knew she was Uninsured and failed to even tell me
I live in Norwood since seventh grade, and I love leaving here. Everyone has been friendly to my family and me.
Norwood is my home, no matter what. And when looking closely, anyone can find the cracks in their walls or the stains in the carpet. Norwood is a place that most people only see the negative of, and I used to be one of those people. Now, however, I can see so much more of the good. I am in wonderful programs, such as our orchestra, our show choir, our theatre department. This is what truly sways me to give my town a more positive spin than the usual reputation.
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As a student in a nearby college, I do not feel safe living here. The violence, especially pertaining to guns and gangs, has increased tremendously. Reports of active shootings and alerts to stay inside and away from certain areas are frequent nowadays. There's also not much to do outside of the university setting. Hopefully Norwood gets it's act together soon.
It is the center of Cincinnati so it is the central area to connect to other neighborhoods. It does have a lot of restaurants which I like. The police here should be more caring and understanding of racial differences. The roads should definitely be more maintained and new.
Centrally located, family friendly, beautiful architecture, great restaurants. Moved here 7 years ago, and don't see myself going anywhere else!
I've been renting a house with a roommate for the past year and 3 months, and the rent is very affordable. It is an older house, built in 1925, so maintenance issues are to be expected. The location is great, right between I71 and I75. The neighbors are friendly and happy to help when you need them. One thing that Norwood does not have is a Wal-Mart, which can be seen as a good or bad thing. Personally, I do not like shopping at Wal-Mart unless no one else nearby has what I need.
i love living in norwood!! Everyone is out and about walking around and or jogging! It is super safe and family friendly.
There are some potentially nice areas in Norwood but there are definitely areas that need to be worked on. Some of the roads are badly damaged and there are also some places that are dangerous.
Great place to raise a family
There have been car break-ins in this neighborhood in the past few weeks. Very unsettling. But the police seem to have a good lead on the guy who they believe is responsible.
I love living in Cincinnati in the Norwood area!
Police are slow to respond and very insensitive when called for help
Definitely not the best area, but not the worst either
-Building more things to do

-People aren't the best

-Depressing; a lot of buildings not enough green

-Past: High quality places and people

-Future: Semi high quality and low quality people.
Overall alright for young renters and college students.
I graduated from Warren G. Harding. Lived there all my life until I got married and moved to Texas. I hate where I live and if it is Gods will I will move back.I LOVE WARREN.
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the housing is great only there are little space in some places but the areas are very nice.
There are a lot of local businesses that thrive in this area. they proved great services along with resturants that produce great food.
There is a lot of sports foods and this type of food. along with a lot of German heritage in the city resulting in some great German inspired resturants.
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