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Norwich, Vermont is a quiet town but with excellent people who reside in this area. Many of them work at the nearby hospitals or at Dartmouth College. It's a great place to raise your family because the public schools are one of the best in the country.
Norwich is a great, happy little town. The school is good and there are a couple nice restaurants. Although there's not much to do, Norwich is fun and happy. Most residents work at Dartmouth or the hospital and everyone there is super friendly. I'd say the worst about is the weather when it's not winter or summer. It rains 24/7 and there is mud EVERYWHERE. Besides that, Norwich is great!
Quaint little town. Town hall, post office, one general store that prides itself on "If We Don't Have It, You Don't Need It". It's true. The store is also an institution in the community that helps many people in need through it's work with the local homeless shelter and food pantry called "The Haven". Part of the Dresden school district, consistently rated the highest in the area. Farmers markets that are indoor or outdoor depending on what time of year as well as free outdoor ice skating by the elementary school make this town picturesque. Truly, a quintessential New England town.
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There is not a high crime rate. The police are mostly occupied with the college and drug use among highschool students.
I think this area is exceptionally beautiful and a good place to attend school. The education is good but the social atmosphere is sometimes upsetting because of intense competition.
A very wealthy town to live in, with great benefits for all residents, even if they don't have an income that matches the average. Very white, very exclusive.
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