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The city of Hilliard is in Norwich township. Hilliard used to be a rural farm town but has grown into a small, beautiful city. It is small enough to know a lot of the residents but large enough that it has all the amenities that you would desire. I am glad that I was raised in Norwich township. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else!
The environment is okay, but only on the main street of Willard. When you live in the outskirts everything is great. However going into the city is not a nice sight to see and often there are people walking down the road that seem to be on drugs.
Like I said before I lived in a small city and everyone knew everyone else. I do not know anyone in Willard and from what I've seen the only people that are nice are my neighbors. I've heard of where not to be at night and everyone in my previous city calls it Heroin county. The people just seem kind of shady.
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I lived in Port Clinton Ohio for my entire life so when I moved to Willard I was devastated. I no longer lived in my home town and I absolutely didn't want to leave it. The people around there are really nice and I enjoy being out in the open but I miss my city life.
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