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I moved from the Midwest to Norwich, CT after finding an apartment here, practically site unseen. That was my mistake. Compared to other cities in the state, Norwich is pretty dumpy. Greenville is not great and I never feel 100% safe. It is very boring here and I hardly ever leave my house. The police are very active in my neighborhood and that's not a good thing. The streets are covered in trash that people just throw out. The taxes are way too high compared to other areas in CT and I have yet to see any benefit of paying high taxes here. The public areas are in need of some serious TLC. Once my lease is up, I will happily leave. I would never buy a house here and settle down. I'd rather pay high taxes in a city that uses them in ways to visibly improve the city.
Parts of Norwich are great, other parts not so much. I'd like to the see the "city" area of Norwich cleaned up. The increase in theft is unnerving.
It’s a very good town but it’s has its ups and downs. I think that the town should focus on helping people in poverty and helping homeless people. I’ve had a really good experience, but I know for other it could be different.
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I very recently moved to Norwich from New London. I can say the food varity and availability is great in comparison. I have a better paying job and a nicer house. The price you would pay for a small two bedroom in New London, you pay for a house in Norwich. The dog park here also gets a lot more visitors than the one in NL, so my dog appreciates that. All of my neighbors are very friendly, even in the middle of a pandemic they made sure to make us feel welcomed to
I have lived in Norwich all my life, except for college,so it is really all I know. I run into people I graduated high school with all the time. There are nice areas and there are not so nice areas of the town. It is not where I plan to spend the rest of my life.
I like that Norwich is conveniently located around surrounding towns that has desirable amenities, and they have a great technical high school and their other high school Norwich Free Academy. Unfortunately the school systems have gone downhill very much and the taxes are extremely high.
I'm 25 and I bought a house in Norwichtown. A beautiful 1910 house that had been fixed up and was move in ready. I pay about 1000 in mortgage price.
The Downtown area is slowly being revitalized, Café Otis is my favorite restaurant. They have 2 well known bars, Strange Brew and Harp and Dragon. Two up and coming breweries, Epicure and These Guys. Nightlife involves Mohegan and Foxwoods right now.

The City employs quite a few people and pays well. Mohegan and Foxwoods are 10-15 minutes away. The base if you're military is 10 minutes if the Ledyard entrance is open. EB is not far.

Enjoy the outdoors? Kayak with me in one of the three rivers. Ride your bike with me to one of the breweries and enjoy the nostalgic brick and mortar architecture downtown. Walk Uncas Falls

Norwich is only as great as the people who live here. It has bad areas and good areas. If you want to make it great, hit me up. that's my goal too.
Norwich is a very connected city. The community is very welcoming and helpful. There are some pretty sketchy spots i will say. The convenience stores are nice, and accessibility to them is also good. The people might not be the most polite but that is not counting all of them. Overall its a pretty good city, but maybe would not recommend to everyone.
I grew up in Norwich, Connecticut my entire life. What I like about the city is the history, my favorite subject. Back then, the Native Americans such as the Mashantucket and Mohegan Tribe lived in Norwich and other eastern side of Connecticut.
There is so much history in Norwich. I enjoy studying up on the.entire city. There are many people downtown during the day, that beg for cigarettes, bus fare, spare change. Id rather ride through the city or have a companion than walk alone. Im told that that some of this is due to the closing of.the mental hospital. I live on the east side so its an easy relaxing trip.
Norwich free academy is a very interesting school. I went here in 2013 and so much has changed in the past couple of years.
Very nice town, but doesn’t offer much. Has the potential to be a hot spot if more businesses opened up.
There needs to be more opportunities for people to move out of government benefits, food stamps, active public drug dealing and prostitution.

I believe it can be turned around. It's s pretty city. Many vacant buildings could be opportunalistic.
It’s a quiet town. It’s a little complicated to get around if you don’t have a car. But it has a lot to do and is located close to work. I work in one of he local casinos. It’s a big part of the economy here for jobs.
Growing up in Norwich was okay. I never felt unsafe, the school system (from the eyes of a child/young adult) was good. I always enjoyed going to school. As an adult now the nightlife is a bit lacking, hence why I might travel to Mystic to have a night out on the town.
Norwich is starting to gentrify very well. Over the past two years there have been new restaurants, art galleries and coffee shops opening in the area. The houses are beautiful and the neighborhoods are clean and well kept! I am thankful to be closer to down town so I can enjoy the beautiful waterfront during the warm summer months. There is a boat launch and long docks to take walks on. Restaurants that over look the marina are a common summer lunch spot. Live music at multiple bars and restaurants is something that is not uncommon during the week and weekends, all seasons of the year. The police in this area are friendly and effective.
Norwich, Connecticut is right between two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. They have brought the population of this town up, the crime up and the need for more social services programs. The problems I have run into in Norwich is that there are a lot of programs for felons, drug addicts and people with mental health issues. There is nothing here to help single mother's with no problems at all except trying to survive.
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Norwich is one of those states that have a lot of potential to become great but over time, due to the extreme gaps in economic diversity and the lack of advancement opportunities, it has begun to loose that potential.
Its a small town with not much to do. The people are rude and unforgiving. The weather sucks as well.
Norwich needs a lot of improvement. The taxes are high, crime is on the rise, and the school system is terrible. We need change in all aspects of our community but I would love to see a change in the school because as of right now when it comes time for my son to begin school he will be going to catholic school. The bullying, lack of teaching, and lack of discipline from administrators is outrageous. Students are out of control and disrespect to teachers and students have developed a fear of going to school because of bullying.
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