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Norwich, Connecticut is right between two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. They have brought the population of this town up, the crime up and the need for more social services programs. The problems I have run into in Norwich is that there are a lot of programs for felons, drug addicts and people with mental health issues. There is nothing here to help single mother's with no problems at all except trying to survive.
Norwich is one of those states that have a lot of potential to become great but over time, due to the extreme gaps in economic diversity and the lack of advancement opportunities, it has begun to loose that potential.
Its a small town with not much to do. The people are rude and unforgiving. The weather sucks as well.
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Norwich needs a lot of improvement. The taxes are high, crime is on the rise, and the school system is terrible. We need change in all aspects of our community but I would love to see a change in the school because as of right now when it comes time for my son to begin school he will be going to catholic school. The bullying, lack of teaching, and lack of discipline from administrators is outrageous. Students are out of control and disrespect to teachers and students have developed a fear of going to school because of bullying.
I had moved to Norwich for a few years back in the 1980's when downtown was not safe. Nothing for the kids to do but get in trouble or do drugs. Downtown has potential but many store fronts just sit empty collecting dust. such a shame. You have to travel to Hartford or new haven for entertainment. Soon as I was old enough moved back to my hometown of Brooklyn, NY . I still go visit friends in Norwich and still can't believe how little it has changed.
Norwich is a decent place to live. Most places are convenient to get to. There are a variety of events for the community. I would like to see more toddler parks. I also think downtown Norwich could use some cleaning up and beautification.
Norwich is an interesting place. There isn’t much to do, and the job oppurtunities mainly come from the casino. But it’s quiet and NFA is a great school. I have friends here and for the most part it is quiet and peaceful. There are beautiful old homes everywhere.
I have lived in Norwich all my life. Growing up here didn't have much to do. We for the most part left town to go do something. There were some restaurants but really that is it. There was once a movie theatre but that is now gone. There is no nightlife. There is nothing to do in Norwich. It is very boring. There are some good areas like Town Street and some parts of West Main Street but Greenville and Taftville have some pretty dumpy areas. The area around Delia's Grinder Shop is the worst. The town needs to be cleaned up. The only nice thing is Mohegan Sun is not too far so that is something people could do.
Norwich is a very beautiful and peaceful area. The people are nice and friendly also. The downside is that sometimes it gets boring.
Norwich has practically every you need in a town, a reliable hospital, dentists, multiple grocery stores, restaurants, and so much more. The only thing that comes to mind when I think of change would be adding more fun activities and restaurants, since as of now we have practically nothing. As a teenager I have very rarely hung out or participated in anything not school-related in our town. Yet besides this, Norwich provides a person with practically every need they could have.
I like the historical background in Norwich. You can drive around and see the old houses that used to belong to very affluent families. There are also historic houses like the house of Benedict Arnold which you can see when driving towards the local hospital. There are a few little shops that are neat to look at and it's very close to neighboring towns which are easy to get to. It's about a 30-minute drive to the closest beach in New London which looks over Long Island Sound. There is a gorgeous high school which has a massive campus and also a secondary campus close by for kids who need a little extra help.
I've lived here all my life. This town has thusfar treated me well but there isn't much to do here. There is no nightlife, and there are very few restaurants. The community is diverse but many are low income. The schools are some of the worst in the area and that is only by test scores. There are many things that require going out of town to do, such as shopping and movie viewing. This town used to be one of the most prosperous and now it just seems washed out and dingy. The town budget reflects that immensely, there is no interest in making the town look or feel better and most interesting chain businesses don't do well here.
I would like to see more health food stores. I do not think there is enough being offered in this town that has such high population numbers. I would like there to be healthier options for those who are interested. I think there is a plenty of diversity and opportunity in Norwich, it has much potential.
Norwich is a great town to raise a family in. The local high school, Norwich Free Academy, is a wonderful school that provides incredible opportunities for its students.
Taxes are very high but schools are good and the neighborhoods are pretty safe. Everything in within driving distance.
The city should be updated to promote more activity and job growth. More businesses should step in to bring growth in. This will give the city a better appearance.
High taxes, nothing for teenagers to do, corruption in local government, few employment opportunities. Some local restaurant gems, but many run-down, abandoned buildings.
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I currently live in Norwich. I would like to see a more built up down town area. There aren’t a lot of small businesses or places to shop. With such a historically rich area, a lot could be done with the down town and harbor area.
In my experience Norwich has a very good school system was teachers that really care about their students. However, I don't like that I can walk down the road and be in a part of town that I feel like I need to watch my children more closely. I wish that the playgrounds were better kept so that it could be a more family-friendly town.
Small city with plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Some areas are nicer than others. I would consider moving there.
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