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I love Norwich! The small town atmosphere suits me and my family very well. Growing up in Norwich was a true blessing. I was able to participate in any sport or activity I wanted to. Overall, it was a very fun and unique place to live.
In a town of less than 600, there really isn't much crime.
Well, in Kansas it's generally hot. Strangely, in Norwich, KS, storms always break around the tiny town. Some say it's because this town is built on an ancient Native American burial ground. I believe it. Tornadoes never have and never will harm this town.
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Most are friendly. The handful that aren't are the ones who get their yards TP-ed or streaked through. Most are conservative whites. Economic situations are very diverse and so is the argument between republican and democrat.
I'm extremely excited to leave town where one name rules.
Tiny town. Not a lot of businesses. Not a lot of jobs. As a teenager, trying to find a second job for summer is extremely difficult. I have to go to a surrounding town for that.
Community is what this town is.
Our fire and EMS services are entirely made up of volunteers. Our EMS service has actually been recognized and has receiveced awards from the state. The fire service does a great job and whoever can respond to a call, will. We have one sherriff. He only gets mean on Halloween, or when directly called.
Although there is no public transportation services available, if you have legs, you can get around. There is extremely little traffic. You can drive or walk anywhere in less than ten minutes.
Our population is less than 600 inluding surounding farmers. No, there is not a lot of business. To get gas you need to travel about 7 miles east to go to the Suppesville Coastal.
Our community throws two huge events - Summer Fun and Santa Day. Summer fun entails bouncy houses, face painting, fireworks, a softball tournament, a street dance, free watermelon slices, and so on. Santa Day has a chili contest, pictures with Santa, a huge indoor craft fair sort of deal, a two mile dash, and so on. Many visitors come to these and it's a lot of fun.
We have one nice resturaunt - Redz. They sell homemade pizza, shakes, and sandwiches. They also have daily specials. There's one other resturaunt/trucker stop that is disgusting. They have greasy burgers and fries and a nasty cook.
Surrounding this less than square mile city, is tons of farming ground. No one walks through it, because that's someone's job. If you are interested in looking around, no one hesitates to cruise country roads. There are some abondoned houses out in the country that are up for roaming.
I have some healthy weight neighbors and some overweight neighbors. No one around here is extremely obese, besides a couple of dogs.
Houses aren't extremely new or fancy, but they're old, well-kept, and nice. There are mostly one-story houses around the area. They are very well kept. The houses are very different.
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