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Norwich is a small little town with very little to do. Although there isn't much to do Norwich has it's beautiful nature spots. If you like to hike there is a stone quarry we can hike up that overlooks the entire town. It is quite memorizing and beautiful. If you are just starting a family Norwich would not be a bad town to live in. It is about an hour from 2 major cities, Binghamton and Syracuse but it is a nice town overall.
The town is very friendly and family oriented. I like the size. Their not a busy big city but are a nice kind of quiet small town.
Lots of crime. But pretty neighborhoods. CPS & Police dept are corrupt. Drugs are running a muck and stealing is bad in some areas. Not all of norwich is bad though, there are some good places. Theres a lot of hometown stores and eaterys. The park downtown is really nice to go to at dusk. They have fun FREE music shows.
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Norwich is a great little town. Lots of local restaurants, shops and stores. Not too far from larger cities.
Have lived in Norwich, or the surrounding area my entire life and have seen many significant changes, some good, some bad. In 1968 the city had some 12,000 residents, but now almost 50 years later, there is less than 9,000 people in the city. I miss some of the storefronts that used to adorn main street. The influx of drugs and crime for a small community is eyeopening and not a welcomed change. I wish that the price of milk and bread and gasoline would be like it was in the early years. Norwich was a great city to grow up in, but I am glad my children are grown and moved away to a better, safer community.
Great little town with several community functions, both free, low cost, and expensive. There is a YMCA, Counsel of the Arts, a library, and plenty of shopping. Unfortunately, as with many small towns, businesses are leaving and drugs are prevalent.
Small town. Good for young families. Not alot for teens to do. Must travel 35-45 minutes for restaurants and name brand stores.
There are many things that I enjoyed about Norwich. Norwich is a relatively small town that cares a tremendous deal about all of the residents who live in the area. Although the town has seen many rough times, we still come together as a community to help those who need to be helped. Recently we have had a problem with drug use. If I was to change one thing it would be to help these individuals find a better way to express their frustration in their lives without resorting to hurting themseleves and their community.
I like that it is a small town and has everything anyone could need within a few miles. But it definitely is low-income and most residents do not posses health benefits. Dental care is lacking and everyone's smiles suffer.
In the city of Norwich, NY there's many different attractions to see. Such as different sporting events, ranging from peewee football to even varsity basketball, and plenty of different very delicious diners and restaurants to eat at. Besides the attractions the people in Norwich are friendly most of them are open minded and have a very kind heart. They are always for to help.
It is quite here and everyone minds there own business
Beautiful area not much to do
Traffic isn't bad unless its rush hour or lunch hour
There again is not much to do around here except Bowling
TO much Fast food areas here. The pizza here is great though!
Its a small town. Not very much to do.
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