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Norwell was a great town to grow up in. In high school I remember hating how quiet it was, but as I've grown older I have so much love for this little place. Seeing the seasons change and the generations along with it is one of the many perks of a small New England community.
It's a bubble. This is not the real world. Mostly everyone here is rich, white, Catholic, and conservative. This town screams entitlement. Luckily, everyone is educated here. The public schools are excellent and students have great opportunities here. The high school sports teams are strong as well.
Great little town in the middle of everything! 10 minutes from tons of beaches, malls, and only 25 minutes from Boston.
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Norwell has great schools, is extremely safe, and is very beautiful. It provides great opportunities for kids through excellent academics and competitive sports. However, there is very little diversity and the people are pretty snobby. Parents who have children at the schools are known to complain despite their children having amazing academic experiences.
Norwell schools are absolutely incredible, the houses are beautiful and the people are always so kind.
Norwell is a very small and safe town. Everyone knows everyone and there are a lot of ways to get involved with the community. the roads are well kept during the winter and the school system is good.
It is a very family friendly town and its small enough where its a tight nit community. Norwell has a great school system and allow students to pursue what they love in the classroom.
Norwell, like most of Eastern MA, is an expensive town. 38% wetlands. Just about all the land that can be built on has been built out, and then some since developers claim 40B development rights and put housing in swamps. Taxes have tripled in 20 years. 80% of the taxes are spent on the school system. As one of the town fathers used to say: "Our schools are our beaches." Short drive to the ocean. Difficult, heavy traffic commute into Boston on Route 3. Don't get me wrong, I like the town. It has changed a lot over the years and is pretty much controlled by developers who push their own agenda.
Very quiet and beautiful suburban town. Not a very diverse location. High income families. Excellent schools.
Norwell is a small suburb or Boston, MA that i have been lucky to grow up in. I am so grateful for all that the education system here has given me. The small classroom sizes allowed for focused learning, and the ability to choose electives in high school gave us opportunities to explore our interests before college. Our town is extremely safe, albeit quiet at times because of it. There is a strong sense of camaraderie due to how small our graduating classes are. We know that each peer is like a sibling, we may not all get along but we all look out for one another.
Norwell is great. I love the people, I love the schools and it is in a great location only a few minutes away from the ocean. Norwell has a ton of walking trails and is very close to the YMCA, as well as Wampatuck State Park.
Where I live, there's not much to do unless you enjoy the outdoors. My friends and I would joke that if we weren't allowed to leave the borders of the town we would never bother leaving our yards. But in truth there are many wonderful trails to walk and ponds to enjoy. While there isn't much in the way of shops or cafés, the nature is wonderful and the scenery is gorgeous!
Quiet town with a few good restaurants, good access to beaches and conveniences in adjacent towns.
Very few good restaurants in the immediate area.
Not a ton of variety, but it is fairly easy to get what you need.
Close to hingham derby street shops. Nearby to hanover mall. TJ Maxx in Norwell is the best.
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