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Small town atmosphere close to big city amenities. Great schools, friendly neighbors and low crime rates. Would like to see more general store and restaurant options. Diversity is always a good addition to complete the well-rounded community.
I grew up in Norwalk and recently moved back to my home town. It is lovely and the neighborhood is developing nicely.
I like that it's a growing town that's incorporating more commercial businesses to attract people. While it still has the appeal of a small town with small town businesses and a slowed down way of life, there are still name brand businesses and food chains scattered around the town that allows people to stay close to home and still get the joys of a bigger city type of life style.
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There really isn't any crime here other than some little things done by kids.
It's a good place to raise a family. It's safe, has a good school system, and definitely caters to families. However there isn't much to do and if given the choice I would probably choose to live elsewhere.
I like this town, but the achievement gap is getting larger
Most people who live here are very proud to live here and stay.
Everyone has a car and there's plentiful parking. No one really uses public transportation and it's not really existent.
This area is gorgeous and I love it here. It's so great to go on walks and just enjoy it.
Doctors in this area are great and prominent, but there's not really any options for people who have graduated from high school to be fit other than just walking around.
I thought it was okay but I realized it doesn't have much at all. We can run/ walk in Norwalk but there isnt much else to do. There are 3 parks but some of them are where a bad crowd hangs out so they aren't very nice anymore.
We have housing in Norwalk that is really great and some that I have had to live in that were not good at all like some of the apartment complexes are not well maintained.
I feel as though I grew up in a safe town and I am very thankful for that it is quite different at college than at home.
The weather is okay to me and not great because I don't enjoy the cold an during the summer there is tornado season.
There are about three restaurants that I have been to in Norwalk and none of them are that great. There is one bar that people go to called Cals, so there isn't much variety.
The employment rating is okay because the jobs that I have had and many people I know have been in town instead of in Norwalk. There are jobs available in Norwalk but not as many as there is in Des Moines.
One of the local businesses is the local hardware store in Norwalk. It is very small compared to big companies but the service is much better. The owner is a great person and he is very friendly with everyone in the town. The hardware store is very personable and the owner will do a lot to help out a great customer. You cannot get everything you are looking for because is it such a small business and not a big company but for the usual things I would much rather shop here because the owner is so friendly. If you do have an odd or specific item you may need to go to a bigger company in town to find what you are looking for.
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Police/fire stations are right in the center of the city and the government seems fair. I've never had any issues. Something that can be changed is tax money being spent on getting bigger businesses in instead of new housing developments so that property tax can go down. It's exorbitant.
Most of the housing developments in this area are extremely wealthy. there are a few middle class neighborhoods that take really good care of their houses and a small number of lower class neighborhoods. Overall, housing is really good.
There is almost no crime in this area, and mostly every one can feel safe. Occasionally, young people will be a little disorderly but there's almost always no issues with it. The police are visible, trusted, and friendly.
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