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Norwalk is a big town with a small town feel. It has offered me many opportunities in my life to learn and grow as a student and person.
The crime rates are relatively low. Every once in a while there will be a few high schools kids causing trouble but its usually just a noise complaint. I will be okay and feel safe if I walk down the sidewalk at night, but if there is any trouble there is a cop who patrols around the town.
I am forever grateful for my experience in the area I live in. Living in the beautiful, small town of Underwood has molded who I am today. I have learned so many important life lessons from the people who I came to know as family in my town. I plan on raising my family in this town because I know if I need it I will have the support from the community. I have made friends who I will keep close to me for the rest of my life and I want my kids to experience the same love and support. It is a small community so not very many businesses are here. We live about twenty minutes from a city with all the necessary stores for groceries, clothes, etc. But there are small businesses coming to the town throughout the years. The general atmosphere is perfect and I would always recommend people to consider having their family grow there.
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We do not have many businesses in the town that I live in. We have two bars, a salon, Subway, two gas stations, UMBA Hall for community events, volunteer fire station, a community school, and a fitness center inside the school that is open to the community.
Decent sized housing, and no "out of the ordinary" houses or lawns
Part time jobs are available, all others are scarce.
The people are great, but it can get boring.
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