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It has many surrounding cites where you could do nice things with family or friends. It is close to the beach and it also has many events within the city that you could attend to.
Disgustingly hot. Streets filled with dropped crack pipes, codine bottles, broken glass and shooters. Every night DOZENS of crackheads would emerge to fight with each other. Every school in the area has a low quality of education. Everyone is rude. Very few good stores.
Norwalk is a small town that is just east of Los Angeles, it is predominately Hispanic. Norwalk is a family friendly city where plenty of families reside. Norwalk may be a small suburb, but it just as other cities with in the Los Angeles area can be and is a bit expensive and not as culturally diverse as other neighborhoods and its architecture is extremely dated. I believe that many cites can thrive just as the big cites that surround them with a few small changes, some of the things I would like to see Norwalk improve on, is it diversity, lowering the amount of rent, ridding the street of some gang violence, and supplying the local markets with healthier food choices.
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Norwalk is a good place to get a college student or other young adult started with living independently. There are a lot of establishments that hold potential job postitions that young people might find appealing, there are plenty of stores to do cheap grocery shopping at, plenty of fast food restaurants and typical young adult hangouts and workout options. One thing I wish could be added in is some higher end shops and restaurants, just so there is a wider range of choice.
I have lived here for most of my life and I can't be more happy than being here. The neighborhood is very quiet and safe. I've never had any trouble with any neighbors. The community is very open and welcoming. Nothing is ever to far and the commute to markets and other such things is very small.
Good and bad areas of Norwalk. City life, many stores, restaurants, community college. Close to fwys.
Norwalk is a pretty great city, their is a few bad elements around the town but that isn’t really a big deal. Norwalk has a lot of diversity, there is better air quality, the environment is a lot better as well as family friendly, yes Norwalk is a great place to raise your family. I currently live in Norwalk and it is very safe where I live there is almost little to no crime. The public schooling system is great, everything is great In Norwalk.
Certain parts of Norwalk are nicer than others. It was a great 12 years so far, not too scary or sketchy. Certain areas are better for kids than others. Not the best school district.
I like Norwalk because it contains everything my family and I need in a small range. We do not have to go very far to find grocery stores or quality restaurants, for example. However, come parts of the city could be considered unsafe and could stand to be improved.
law is a joke in this city i don't even feel safe walking the streets alone at night , homelessness is visible everywhere . you hear coppers and police sirens at midnight every other day and lets not talk about the condition of the street its full of dirt and garbage . we need a mayor who gets the job done and changes the city for good .
I love the diversity of people in norwalk and the safety, the only thing i would like to see achange in would be the affordability of the houses. Other then that it is a nice neighborhood with friendly people.
It is very family oriented and has many programs for people of all ages. The parks and recreation department is amazing.
My experience living here in Norwalk has been great so far. I used to live in apartments in a bad area but thankfully my family and I got out of there and found a beautiful home here in Norwalk.
Norwalk is a simple city, many plazas and nearby malls. It is very quiet during the day and night but during recent years it has become more crowded than usual I would recommend this city to live in a lot. I have considered it home and many others have too. Only thing I would change is the crime and homelessness rate in the city. And the City officials city Hall is literally located super near so you can get all your information. The police here are military trained so you know it is safe.
The city of Norwalk is a safe environment. Everyone is very friendly and some of the public schools are great as well.
It is a great environment with a very helpful and positive community. There are many great schools and city events that a copious number or people can take part in.
I grew up in the city of Norwalk, but I do feel that some more enforcement can be added to lower the rate of crime in our city.
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Up and coming there's lots of construction on roads and freeways in the area. Cities nearby are also renovating.
It’s a very friendly and quiet neighborhood. Easy community to get along with and it’s a very clean and family oriented city.
Norwalk is an amazing city to live in if you want it to be. They offer so many opportunites and free events for people of all ages so that everybody can enjoy being a part of their community. I have volunteered for the city and have met many great people my age and adults as well. Most city officials I have met are super friendly and helpful if you have any questions. There is still a lot of things that can be improved however, such as the amount of garbage found along the streets, the graffiti found in certain areas of the town, and the lack of an overall sense of community. As a current resident of Norwalk, I hope that by volunteering for the city, I will help spread the joy and pride I feel for my city.
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