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Small, safe, and family friendly town, but not a lot of excitement. Good school system. A bit of a drug problem like many ohio towns.
I have lived in Norwalk for 16 years of my life. It is very mundane, but a nice place for a family I suppose. Drug epidemic are huge. Incredibly significant to our community unless you like to stay blinded like majority of the conservative side of the town.
Norwalk is a safe town, with lots to do. I feel very safe here. The safety here is taken to great measures and our law enforcement is great. There are lots of job opportunities to take part in.
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The experience is overall pretty good for the town of Norwalk. I have been living here my entire life and it is a nice place for anyone to raise their family in. The schooling here offers the students many opportunities and so does the town itself. There are a number of job offerings in and around the city and it is the middle of the county we are located in which is very convenient for people who live in surrounding cities to commute for their jobs.
Recently moved to the area. Good proximity to larger city. Local area is clean and friendly with good family values. Religion based community.
Not too big, not too small. Very safe to raise a family in! I have lived here most of my life, and want the same for my children!
Norwalk is such a beautiful down, both physically, and metaphorically speaking. It's as if you see the same familiar face every now and again, which is nice, comforting. On the not so bright side of things, Norwalk is a very drug filled town. I would love to see a change in this done quickly. If our community were to come together, and fight this epidemic, we could stop this in it's tracks before it gets too bad. Despite the drug problem, I can not complain much about the good town of Norwalk.
Its a nice small town with good schools but jobs have gone down a lot over the last years.Would love to see our economy increase back to what it use to be. I believe it would help with the crime rate.
Good city. Just have to stay away from the people who make poor decisions. Has everything you need really. One way that Norwalk could improve would be to add more stores and restaurants.
It's ok. It's a relatively safe place, though there some occasions when it is not. Very busy roads and school are ok.
Norwalk is a typical small American town. There are plenty of things to do, but you will need to drive to Cleveland if you want nightlife. It is a great place to raise a family!
Norwalk is an okay place to live. Some of the areas are really nice and there are some beautiful historic houses. They also provide many community activities. Unfortunately, there are some areas that are not well kept and a bad drug problem.
Norwalk is a great little town in northern Ohio. It is about 17 miles south of the amusement park Cedar Point. The school system is really great and the crime rate is low compared to larger cities. The downtown is getting more and more shops in it making it a great place to raise a child.
The past few years seem like vandalism is becoming progressively worse. For instance, my tires were slashed. It seems like it was purely for fun, as well. Everyone around here likes to keep their yards kept, for the most part. Street lighting is good. Sidewalks and roads are okay. The police check up on this area at least once a week.
This area of Norwalk is becoming too dangerous. There were murders only a couple of streets away. Parents aren't watching their kids here anymore. Everyone is interested in your secrets and what's happening in your life. I would definitely prefer to live somewhere else in Norwalk. Overall, the only good thing about this location is that it is super close to many restaurants and Wal-Mart. Also, Sandusky is only about twenty minutes from my house. The landlord is also very kind and understanding. This area is below the acceptable line compared to everywhere else in the country. I see the future of this area becoming a possible crime scene.
Heroin and drugs are rising in the area but this is not just in Norwalk. For the most part the town is quiet.
It's a small town with all the charm. Definitely not for everyone, but I love living here.
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Its pretty good the police respond to the people in need fairly quickly, so on one can really complain.
Its not terrible but for children to grow up in is okay. There's not !much fights at school and there's police everywhere trying to keep the streets safe.
Safety is felt and sense of security is met.
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