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norwalk is a great town. there are many things to do and you'll never be bored. right on the long island sound so there are beautiful sunsets and views the whole year. pretty in the fall.
Ive lived in norwalk my entire life and I appreciate the diversity it has that opens your mind to different ideas and views. One issue I notice is the housing market. It is not the city's fault, but it is very expensive to purchase a house in Norwalk and the taxes on top of that are a huge expense.
Norwalk is transforming into a city like community, similar to New York. I have lived in Norwalk all my life with my family all around me. The only thing I don't like is the traffic because of rush hour. The traffic has been growing for years and getting slow.
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Norwalk is an amazingly diverse town with lots to offer everyone. Close to NYC but still a suburb environment.
Very diverse small city within commuting distance of New York City. Located on the coast of Long Island Sound. Historic neighborhoods.
An overall fun town. Right on long island sound. The summers are great because of the beautiful beaches. But other than that, the rest of the year can get pretty boring.
I've lived in Norwalk all my life and am currently raising a family here. The great thing about Norwalk is it has just about anything you are looking for. There are quiet little communities, newly built trendy apartments for young adults, wealthy areas, poor areas, middle class areas, wooded areas, beach communities, typical suburbs etc. The beaches are beautifully maintained and there are lots of parks and playgrounds. People from surrounding communities come into Norwalk for our great restaurants, bars and shopping. The convenience of living here cannot be understated. Everything you need is within 5 minutes and in town. I rarely leave town for shopping, if ever.

The people in Norwalk are really down to earth and unpretentious, but a little guarded.

The school system is the best of the three major cities in the area (Norwalk, Bridgeport, Stamford). If you are an involved parent your children will get everything they need from the school system.
Norwalk is a very diverse place to be raised in being raised here myself. It is very family friendly as there are many activities to do such as the beach, numerous local parks, and places to eat. It is a bit expensive to live in Norwalk compared to other towns in different states.
The pro is that I love the public transportation in Norwalk, buses are not crowded and run frequently. The cons are that there are not a lot of jobs here. Also, customer service in the stores in Norwalk such as Walmart, stop and shop and best buy have horrible customer service.
Nice neighborhood, decent food places around town, and a good shopping district. Great community of people as well
Norwalk is a beautiful city. There is a lot to do there and a lot of interesting places for all occasions. Transportation around here is never a problem because there is various ways to go from one place to another. It's a peaceful city and one of the best in my opinion because as a resident, I had some good experience.
Norwalk is a wonderful community with many benefits of a large city as well as a small town. We enjoy beach access, some of the best dining and nightlife in SW CT, great parks, and diverse cultures.
People are not friendly but the school systems are better than Bridgeport. The officers here are the absolute worst and are of no help. My parents live here so thats kind of why I moved here. Since my mom passed last year I would love to move.
Norwalk is a great, diverse city. It has it all; a beautiful beach, suburban areas, and a downtown city feel in SONO. The school system is fantastic, and I would encourage all young families to consider living in Norwalk.
Property taxes do run high, however, which is the only thing that I would like to see change.
I love how Norwalk has such a wide range of everything. The scenery changes very drastically from one end of town to the other; there are many beaches, but also estuaries and streams and forests. The people are also very diverse, as are the neighborhoods. I think Norwalk is a gorgeous city and I have thoroughly enjoyed calling it home for most of my life.
I moved to Norwalk CT in High School. I found students to be very diverse and my high school years was a wonderful learning experience after moving from a very non diverse town in another state. It has prepared me for the real world. Norwalk is a wonderful city with so much to offer...I would love to raise my family here someday.
Norwalk gives everyone the best combination. It is close to the city and taking the train into there allows for millions of employment opportunities. Going shopping is nearby with malls in nearby towns and many stores right here in Norwalk itself. It is family friendly and many have nice roads where kids can play and families can enjoy being neighbors with one another. Norwalk is diverse and it is more diverse than its neighboring towns. It is affordable with some areas being more expensive but overall a good place to live and resale values are good. The schools are fine but there are many area private schools that are affordable and give a great education.
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It is a very average place to live in. Not a lot happens, but it is surrounded by local cities that have attractions. They are building a mall there this year though!
Clean and safe place to live. There are plenty places to shop and eat. It is fairly close to NYC and just 10 min away from Stamford, CT. Not overly congested the way Stamford is.
Norwalk is a great city to raise children in. The diversity of this city really helped me develope a sense of what the real world is like. I’ve been in Norwalk for all of my 26 years of living.
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