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I have spent 25 years living in Norton and plan to stay here to raise my family. It is a safe community and an "everybody knows everybody" town. Another plus about the City of Norton is that everything is so close together. You can drive from one side of town to the next in less than two minutes, which gives you a sense of relief on your time management. There is a bowling alley, theater, drive-in theater, restaurants, and other great outdoor attractions.
Small town feel gives sense of safety to parents and tourists. Town is sports-driven with a rise of focus on education. Incredible to watch the progress.
with most places various crime is going to happen it just depends on the situtaion
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With coal industry going away most ex coal miners are going back to school to try to learn a new trade and hopefully some companies will come in the area to open up new jobs here
People are great and friendly, but economy is bad.
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