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Norton has a wonderful small town feel and is the perfect place for raising a family. Home to the original Sieberling family, responsible for starting Akron’s Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Norton has a rich history and a strong, far reaching, sense of community.
nice small town, friendly people, nice shopping plaza. Easy to get around, convenient to everything,
I like the small town atmosphere, but also living close to major expressways. The schools are filled with caring teachers and faculty.
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Norton has great scenery and very nice people. The schools have very knowledgeable and supportive teachers. Norton is a small historic community where everyone knows each other.
Norton is a small city most people don't know about but being small there is not much trouble here. The public schools are great you learn a lot there. Its right next to Barberton and since Norton is a small city it takes like 5-10 mins to get there. The only thing that's really bad about it is that there are not many jobs there and there are stores closing down there and they are not opening anything new. What I want to see change is them opening some new stores to open up some new jobs and fixing the potholes.
Everyone at Norton is so sweet. You are close to EVERYTHING. It is honestly the perfect place to live. My family lives 15 min from Fairlawn (great shopping and food) 15 min from Wadsworth (some restaurants, nail salon, Walmart) and 5 min from Target.
I grew up in norton. Norton is a small town. I liked that every new each other and our sports team were very supportive of each other. I also love that they built a brand new high school and the made tributes to all the students who have passed away from car accidents and etc. I dont like that there is so much construction going on at this time.
Lived here almost all my life, cant really complain about anything. Good family businesses are all around and they have a homey atmosphere.
Norton is a small town and great for young families. It is safe, conveniently 15 minutes from just about anything. The schools are small, allowing students to connect with teachers. Overall, this is a great city.
So far I really enjoy niches website and how easy it is to use. Also all the scholarship opportunities to holds.
The police usually arrive in a good time.
The city is always willing to lend a helping hand.
The street I live on is pretty safe for the most part. Someone broke into my dad's car years ago and there is an abandoned mall nearby but I don't feel unsafe.
There are not a lot of shops or anything much in the area but I am close to all the highways
The water and post office services are received from Barberton which causes us to be charged a surplus added to our bill.

There is a trailer park in the middle of town that is unkept and is typically where the police and EMS/fire spend most of their time.
People tend to spend their lives in this area or surrounding areas. The community has events to try to bring everyone together. Our city council and school board have members that love to cause drama and stall any progress trying to occur.
The crimes that occur are mostly traffic violations that result in OVI's. There are a few domestics and petty theft. The police are very visible and most of the time 3 police cars arrive on the scene.
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I feel like the city is stagnant. There are alot of elderly that do not want to see the city move forward with change.
The city of Norton is very small but the people are nice! Could be a lot better with providing with things to do, but overall a decent and safe little town.
This small city has been growing in the past couple of years. The much-needed new high school and stadium will soon be up, many new businesses are coming and establishing themselves among the community, and the neighbor roads will soon be repaired. Even before all of the upcoming change, the city was very inhabitable. The school system as an excellent rating in distinction and its activities are actively promoted in the local newspaper. The community is rather small so it is easy for one to bump into someone he or she knows. The only downside to this city is the lack of entertainment and places to go, but there are a couple local events and neighboring cities that offer some great fun.
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