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Norton Shores is a beautiful city just miles from Lake Michigan. Beautiful state parks for camping and hiking. Mona Shores school district is highly rated in both academics and athletics.
Norton Shores is a small town near Lake Michigan and about 45 minutes from Grand Rapids. There are very nice restaurants, movie theaters, a mall and many shopping options. There is also a local hockey team and the venue sometimes has concerts. It is a great place to live.
I am a former resident of Norton Shores and still work in the community. Norton Shores is a beautiful place to raise a family with a short commute to most places, an amazing school district, close to the beach, and many parks for families to enjoy. To me Norton Shores is the ideal location to raise a family
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Lovely little community. Low house prices, close to wonderful lake Michigan beaches, and there are cute independent restaurants. Also, great beer selection!
I have recently moved to Norton Shores, and I couldn't be happier. It is a great place to live. Our neighborhood is amazing, and the location is perfect for our family.
Quiet neighborhood, with an awesome school district. Close to shopping, hospitals, restaurants and Parks
I liked, most of, the people that live in Norton Shores. I would like to see less Hood-like suburbs and see more safe neighborhoods where people want to be.
It's not a suburb of Grand Rapids, it's a suburb of Muskegon. Norton Shores is too far from Grand Rapids, and Grand Rapid suburbs would include Wyoming, or Cascade, or Forrest Hills, or Marne, or Grandville, or something like that.
Nothing happens in Norton Shores too often, any crime that happens usually occurs in the city (Muskegon/Muskegon Heights areas)
Not a suburb of Grand Rapids, a suburb of Muskegon. The entire county is FULL of beauty in many places one looks, and is full of life, nature, and wonder.
My neighborhood isn't bad, but there have recently been murders and kidnapping attempts nearby.
It is a nice and usually quiet place to live. There isn't much to do around here besides going to the lake. Crime nearby seems to be happening more often, but there are people trying to stop it.
Norton Shores bring out your ability to try new things and keeps you open-minded. Generally the atmosphere here is accepting, you just have to take the first step. I'm thankful that I got the opportunity to move here because it was the best decision I've ever made and if I had the opportunity to live here again I wouldn't hesitate.
Norton Shores is a safe area to live in! Police are always there when in need and are not out to get you. You never see police around, though they are always around. Few crimes are committed here. I'd like to say barely any because they're never on the news. The only concern is living close to Muskegon Heights, where there is a lot of violence.
Muskegon has a recent spike in crime
It't not the most appealing area
I personally wouldn't live here again. It feels a bit run down and going nowhere.
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I feel safe most of the time, however I would not walk around in the evening or at night on my own.
Police come when you need them
I can't say that the housing market is good, or that there are many abandoned houses because I myself have never been to areas where there are any abandoned houses. Overall, I would say that the best areas to live in would be the public school district areas, they're always much more appealing to the eyes to look upon then those in the inner city areas it seems.
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